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For our Zombie film, 'Unconscious', we considered the distribution company of Boll World Sales. The German company generally invests in lower budget productions as there is little funding for such niche film making. The company has already been known to distribute (as well as produce), horror/gore films, including zombie films such as 'Apocalypse Z' (d. Boni/Ristori, 2013), so 'Unconscious' can definately be considered within their range.

Other companies that can be considered for distribution include Lionsgate; however they may be hesitant as to accept considering the lack of star support and low production value; as well as smaller names like Brain Damage Films and Rogue. These last two distribute mostly straight to DVD productions.

'Unconscious' lacks high production value and any star support - it catering to a niche genre also limits options for funding as well as distribution. Because of this, the film would unlikely have a theatrical release and be more successful being released straight to DVD (Hence Brain Damage Films as a viable example). In addition, an even better form of distribution would be via popular online film streaming services. Although Amazon Prime generally only hosts their own productions, Netflix may be suitable as an online exhibitor for 'Unconscious' as it will be available for casual audiences as well as targeting the niche demographic. The low production value and lack of star backing, although a negative factor, would likely not cause any issues with exhibition as Netflix's vast database contains a plethora of similarly produced films.

Further distribution (and exhibition) may be viable on certain television channels, such as the Horror Channel and Syfy Channel. Often, these channels will purchase the rights to lower budget films as means of filming up air time when their viewership is minimal. Although this does set a low bar for 'Unconscious', it will likely reach the intended niche demographic via the television channels, which in themselves attract an intended, relatively small audience.

'Unconscious' features mild gore and a relatively simplistic plot. It is for these reasons, the intended BBFC certificate would likely be 12. The narrative and content may lack a sense of maturity that larger productions (Such as World War Z) may possess, meaning the film would be easy to follow and begin to be more accessible to a younger audience, allowing for growth in age. The lower age rating may also improve sales as a hole as such a production may allow the genre to be accessible to a younger audience who may see interest in the lower production value.

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