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This Friday saw us celebrate the birthday of one our fave Lockwood admins, the queen of purple LKWD Jessie!!!

With the help of the awesome LKWD Abbey, a surprise party was planned, hosted and decorated by our own Sapphy-Kelly Reece.

Below are some special birthday messages, posted with love from fans/members of the community and some snaps from the party, but first..... we find out some interesting facts about Jessie!!!

5 facts you probably didn't know about LKWD Jessie!!!

  1. In real life, Jessie has 70 pairs of socks!!!
  2. She used to be a hardcore World of Warcraft player
  3. She is addicted to ARK
  4. LKWD Adam forgot to get her a birthday card, so he gave her his Ninja Turtles figurine
  5. Ridley Scott's Alien is her fave film

Birthday Messages!!!

Purpz Avakin
Sapphy-Kelly Reece

Pics from the Party!!!

Avakin Life News

What's going on in Avakin this week
Big News!!!

**Big News!!!** - This week Lockwood were pleased to announced that the Club Sundown XL social spot that can hold up to 16 people, is now also available on compatible Android devices!!!

The post also tells us to expect more XL social spots coming soon!!! Exciting!!!

Win a voucher!!!

A reminder for any of Avakin's U.S and Canadian users who still want to take part in a new Avakin Official Instagram photo competition to get your hands on a voucher for real world clothing brand Garage, see our contest and competitions section featured later in this edition for more details on how you could win one!!!

Brand New!!!

If you hadn't noticed already, this week we received the brand new and exciting Avakin Express in the apartment store. More on this new release in our apartment design feature later in this edition and for your chance to win it, also check out the Friday Giveaway from MQK TV found in the YouTube feature later in this edition.

Top Pics of the Week

The pick of the pics from across the community

A selection of the community's top pics/edits posted on our Avakin Life Addicted, Edits - & more and Unity Facebook fan pages and the Official Avakin Community Group.

Carly Carter
Ashley Sumpter
Ràul Marci
Amanda Henry
Daisy Avakin
Claude Arsenault
Peachey David
Jessy Golden
Milanii Martini
Andrew Wolf
Kaylyn Horton
Andrea Behrens
Jack Jay
Arizona Lee
Faith Avakin ft Ava Adi
Purpz Avakin

Contests & Competitions

This week's contests and competitions from across the community

**Ends Tomorrow!!!** - All this week Avakin Official have been running an Instagram photo contest to celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th March.

All we have to do is post our snaps of how we spent the day with a girl power theme, on Instagram with the tags #AvakinGirlPower2017 and @AvakinOfficial. The winner will receive 3000 coins after being selected by a panel of judges.

Remember the contest ends tomorrow so if you haven't already, get your entries in fast!!!

Ends Tomorrow!!!

**Win a voucher!!!** - For U.S and Canadian users of Avakin this week, there has been a new Avakin Official Instagram photo contest this week to win a voucher for real world clothing brand Garage!!!

All we have to do is show off our best looks from last week's release of real world clothing from the brand and post them on Instagram with the tags @AvakinOfficial, @garageclothing and #AvakinGarage.

Remember to wear at least one item from the Garage clothing range available in-store and to list the items you are wearing in the caption. The contest ends tomorrow so get your entries in. Good luck!!!

Giveaway Friday!!!!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the new Avakin Express Train apartment and this week's new Ikon, then MQK TV's Friday Giveaway YouTube feature is for you!!! To make sure you don't miss out, go to YouTube and subscribe to MQK TV now!!!


Now we have entered the month of March, the next big occasion on the calendar is Mothers Day. To celebrate, the Avakin Life Edits & More team are hosting a brand new photo edit contest!!!

All we have to do is post our Mothers Day-themed edit on Instagram at @official_avakinlifeedits_more, the Facebook page Avakin Life Edits & More, on Amino at Avakin Life Edits (&a More) and on Twitter at @Avakin_Edits with the hashtag #AvakinMothersDay.

We can post up to 3 entries each and you don't have to be a mother to take part. The contest began on the 5th March and doesn't end until the 30th and it really is worth entering, because the winner will receive all of the below!!!

2 apartments under 1999 coins each - 2 Ikons- Any 3 animations under 799 coins each - 4 pieces of furniture or clothing under 899 coins each.

Good luck and don't miss out!!!


For full details of the winners of the new Avakin Life - Apartment Design decor contest, check out the apartment design section featured later on in this edition.

Avakin Life Amino Community

You may remember over the last few weeks, we shared info on the Avakin Life Amino Community group, which runs events and quizzes for small gifts and prizes. There has still been a lot of positive feedback and people getting involved, so if you haven't already, make sure you check it out by downloading below.

Fashion Weekly

All the week's new releases

After what felt like a strange week of releases last Tuesday, this week saw things seem to go back to normal with releases from two more of our favourite brands.

Firstly from Foal, we received the Frilled collection for the girls and the Concrete Jungle collection for the guys. Both genders received large collections of crop tops, dresses, t-shirts, jackets and shirts, with the girls collection featuring many different styles of added frills and ruffles in a wide range of colours. The collections were completed brilliantly with a selection of pants, skirts and boots.

Featuring - ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx, Freya xTRDx, ΣVILICӨЦS XŦЯDXރ
Featuring - ÄriaňňaŁyňňxTRDx, Purpleava, SophiaAngelxTRDx, Søpɧiɛ xTRDx, Candie xTRDx
Featuring - Jøñ ĢåvřèélxŢŘĐx

Releases from the Yume brand are always highly anticipated and this week we received the exciting and popular Gyaru collection.

The girls received the more varied collection, with six vastly different styles and colours to choose from, with the guys receiving a small range of coats and jackets.

Featuring - ÄriaňňaŁyňňxTRDx, ΣVILICӨЦS XŦЯDX, Purpleava, ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, CandiexTRDx
Featuring - 555|Slipknot|666, RichiedealxTRDx, Jøñ ĢåvřèélxŢŘĐx, Drancula xTRDx

Mixed in amongst all the new items this week, were a few torso items from Front Row. Two similar black dresses, a stylish trench coat and the Sunshine Romper dress could be found in the store if you look hard enough and gave the girls that little bit more extra choice this week.

Featuring - ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx
Featuring - ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx

For this week's celebrity-inspired red carpet look, this Friday's Ikon release saw the girls receive the Sumptuous outfit. A moonlight silver satin jumpsuit, with a flowing train giving it an illusion of a gown at the same time. For the guys, they received the Regal suit. A striped blue and red suit paired with high-shine leather loafers.

Featuring - Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ
Featuring - Jøñ ĢåvřèélxŢŘĐx

Avastyle Weekly 'Look of the Day'

This week's Avistyle Weekly 'Look of the Day' has been taken from both LKWD Ria's official post based around an item for the guys from the new Concrete Jungle collection from Foal and Faith Avakin also provides us with her own weekly fashion ideas.

LKWD Ria's Advice

To achieve a toned down look with a stylish, urban feel for the guys this week, Ria advises us to combine the below items.


  • Underground sweatshirt(pictured below)
  • Parlour Skinny sweatpants
The Toned Down look

Avistyle Weekly 'Look of the Day'

Outfit of the Day: The Famous Baseball Player

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gambler, you may regularly take your chance on the Mystery Boxes and win some really awesome items.

If you have been lucky enough to win any of the baseball-related items in the boxes, this week Faith shows us how to dress to become a famous player by combining the below items.

The Famous Baseball Player

V.O.A Collections


Unlike a lot of Avakin modelling groups/agencies, Vogues Of Avakin regularly bring us their own exciting themed collections, put together from items both old and new. The collections also gives us a lot of hints and tips to achieve that desired look.

This week they have been busy and yet again come up with another two brand new collections for us to try ourselves.

Space Travel Collection: Featuring - Sassy x Lotus x Allie93 x Mr DynamiteRawr x Unknownbunny x Aziz x Ben Lovejoy
Schoolin Life Collection: Image 1 Featuring - DynamiteRawr x Allie93 x Ben Loevjoy
Image 2: Featuring - Sassy x Lotus x Aziz x UnknownBunny

Best of the Brands

All of this week's best branded edits from members of the community
Amanda Henry
Arizona Lee
Karoline G Gomez ft AMM
Carly Carter
Carly Carter
Karoline G Gomez ft AMM
Arizona Lee
Daisy Avakin
Makayla Clifford
Arizona Lee

Avakin Life Apartment Design

A big part of Avakin Life is owning your own apartment and customising it to suit your taste or perhaps for that special occasion/event. With so many apartments now available to buy or win, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with what's new and what items are inclusive to collect.

Luckily for us, Brandy Burry's brilliant Avakin Life Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages are a great source of information on all the latest apartment releases and provides some great ideas, hints, tips and examples on how to decorate each apartment to get us started. The page also boasts some beautiful photography.

This week we get Lockwood's run down on the new Avakin Express apartment featured on the page, we find out the winners of the decor design contest and Brandy provides us with photographs of how community member Hybie decorated her Avakin Express apartment.

The Avakin Express Apartment

By Lockwood

Take a trip back in time to the golden age of travel, on the Avakin Express.

A luxurious Victorian steam train with the highest quality furnishings and interior, fit for royalty. Take a journey through the tranquil English countryside, and enjoy views of fields and wildlife.

With 2 carriages to fill, you can arrange a tasteful dinner party, an evening of dancing and entertainment or transport your valuable possessions. Featuring 7 exclusive luxurious daily rewards.

Business Owner Decor Contest Winners!!!


A very well done and congratulations to Faith Avakin, @remarkableravi_palany and VKarthikeyan on Facebook and Instagram for being chosen as winners for the Avakin Life - Apartment Design #BusinessOwnerDecorContest this week and receiving 4000, 3000 and 2000 coins worth of apartments and/or furniture!!!

Keep an eye out for the next exciting contest!!!

Your Decorative Ideas, Hints & Tips

This week Brandy shows us some beautiful photographs of community member Hybie's newly decorated Avakin Express apartment.

For more apartment design ideas, hints and tips, make sure you visit the Avakin Life - Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages directly.

Owner: Hybie - Photography: Leopard Lust

A Sit Down With Sapphy

Sapphy-Kelly Reece knows everybody.... Everybody knows Sapphy!!!.... So who better to send out into the world of Avakin each week to ask the community for an insight into their own Avakin Life.

This week Sapphy caught up with community members Marilroe and DRAKE to ask them about their Avakin Lives.

1) What is your name? Marilroe

2) How old are you? 18

3) How long have you been on Avakin? 1 year, 3 months.

4) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? No

5) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? Hanging with friends, having parties and Spa Days. Love Shopping too

6) Where is your fave hangout spot? Avakin Express Train

7) Fave Avakin feature? The animations

8) Fave Apartment? The Cypress Surburban House apartment

9) If you could add/change anything on Avakin, what would it be? I would like to add interactions and interactions period

10) What do you like to do with friends? Sleepovers as that's when we have the most time together

11) What do you like most in this weeks release? Love the dresses and the tops with accessories included

12) What is your fave fashion feature/print? E.g. Stripes, Dots, Neon, Animal Print etc. I love stuff that snatch the body. For print, well I just like comfortable clothes

1) What is your name? Aubrey

2) How old are you? Rather not say

3) How long have you been on Avakin? 3 months

4) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? I'm working on an upcoming magazine called Spiced up with Rih

5) What do you do in your group/family? Part CEO, helping Rih with ideas for the magazine

6) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? Decorate and Chill with my wife. Going to the studio. Taking pics and entertaining friends

7) Where is your fave hangout spot? Either at mine or Rih's crib and at the studio

8) Fave Avakin feature? Loving the new chat update

9) Fave Apartment? The Cypress Surbuban Lane House

10) if you could add/change anything on avakin, what would it be? Change the age limit to 18+ and add piercings, earrings and jewellary

11) What do you like to do with friends? Record videos, dance, talk and chill

12) What do you like most in this weeks release? The Ikon

13) What is your fave fashion feature/print? E.g. Stripes, Dots, Neon, Animal Print etc. Stripes and Animal fur. If its nice I'll wear it

We Need You!!!

We constantly want this magazine to be for everyone to enjoy and take part in. It simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Avakin Life as much as we do.

Therefore we want to ensure that literally everything and anything Avakin related anybody wants to see is included and shared with the rest of the community. To do this we need you!!!

So...... if you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see included or you have an event, group or family to promote, we would love to include it. If you want us to help promote your contests and competitions, we want to hear from you. If you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos and posters, we would love to help.

Mostly we value your feedback. We need you to help us make it better for you and let us know what you think.

To contact us for all the above and anything at all, just send us a message to the Avakin Addiction Magazine Facebook page and we will respond to everybody.

Thanks to.....

Thanks of course to - Lockwood for constantly working to bring us the best game in the world and making the experience so amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

Main contributors - Prya Ava Pavkova, Sapphy-Kelly Reece, Makayla Clifford, JonBug Ava, Brandy Burry, MQK TV, LKWD Ria, Faith Avakin, Heart Ava

This week's models - ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx, Freya xTRDx, ΣVILICӨЦS XŦЯDXރ, ÄriaňňaŁyňňxTRDx, Purpleava, SophiaAngelxTRDx, Søpɧiɛ xTRDx, Candie xTRDx, Purpleava, Jøñ ĢåvřèélxŢŘĐx, RichiedealxTRDx, Drancula xTRDx, 555|Slipknot|666

YouTubers - MQK TV, Avakin Mj, Avakin Official, Karoline G Gomez, Johnathon Sims

......and everyone whose amazing edits/posts/content was featured this week!!! Find em on Facebook/Instagram!!!!

........and finally.....

Thank you all for reading and for your feedback!!!

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