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Tanzania is know for its vast wilderness areas. It is populated by the "big five" game which are animals that include elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, and rhino. Tanzania also has Kilimanjaro National park, home to Africa's highest mountain. Tanzania has two languages that include English and Swahili. As the year of 2017 the population is 56,877,529.
This is Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania and the capital of Dodoma region with a population of 410,956.
A little part of Dodoma where kids go and play.
A church in Dodoma where people go to worship.

Location is a particular place or position. There is relative and absolute.

Tanzania's relative location is South of the equator. It is also in both the Eastern and Southern Hemisphere. The continent Tanzania is located on is Africa.

This is Africa, the continent on which my country Tanzania lies on.

The capital of Tanzania is Dodoma also to be know as Dar es Salaam, which is 6.16 degrees South and 35.75 degrees East.

Dodoma also know as Dar es Salaam which is Tanzania's capital.
This picture represents a tropical day where in Tanzania they have tropical weather.

The climate in Tanzania is Tropical

The coastal areas are usually hot and humid

These are kids playing on a hot/humid day.

There are two rainy seasons in Tanzania, the short rains are generally October to December.

This is a rainy day in Tanzania where they have two rainy seasons generally October to December.

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak.

Tanzania is dominated by a large plateau,one covered with grass lands,plains and rolling hills.

The 8 countries that border Tanzania include Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia,Malawi,and Mozambique.

This is a part of Kenya, a country which borders Tanzania

The two bodies of water that are found around or in Tanzania are the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria.

This is the Indian Ocean, the body of water that is found near Tanzani.

The video above tells you how it was created, it also talks about the animals found in each city.

This video is what Tanzania is all about

Movement is where people or things move to different places.

Tanzania's transportation system is split into four different sections

The four sections includ surface transportation ( Trains and roads), inland waterways ( lakes and rivers), air transportation and sea transportation.

One of the four transportation that Tanzania uses is a train.
Tanzanians use the seas to transfer things from one place to another.

Tanzania uses Inland water ways as transportation and that involves lakes and rivers.

The last source the use is air transportation.
These are diamonds,another exported good from Tanzania

Goods that are exported from Tanzania include minerals like gold, gemstone, diamonds, and coal.

This is gold, a mineral exported from Tanzania.

Two of the imported goods include machinery and transport equipments

This is what machinery looks like in Tanzania.

Two other imported goods are textiles and clothing.

These are textiles.

Tanzania was previously know as Tanganyika which gained its independence from Great Britain on December 9th, 1961.

One year later Tanganyika became a republican and on April 26th, 1964 merged with newly-independent archipelago nation Zanibar.

Computers are the main source of technology in Tanzania.

This is what a computer looked like in 1965

The first computer ever installed was the ICT 1500 which was installed in 1965

This is the ICT 1500
These are modern day computers in Tanzania.

The video above is how Tanzania is making a movement to change they way they live.

The video above represents animals moving to a different spot where there is more food.

For their form of communication they use telephones, television, and radios.

The background of this is the Tanzania flag.

As the countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar were united to form Tanzania in 1964,their national flags were melded to create the new national flag of Tanzania.

The Tanzania flag was adopted on June 30, 1964 and is used for the national flag, civil ensign, and state ensign.

What the colors represent: yellow- represents mineral wealth of Tanzania

Green stands for the natural vegetation and rich agricultural resources of Tanzania

Black symbolizes native people of Tanzania

Blue represents Tanzania's lakes and rivers, as well as the Indian Ocean.

Crops of Tanzania: coffee(which is shown in the first picture), Tea( second picture), cotton (third picture ), cashews, cloves, and pyrethrum.

Human Environmental interaction is the relationship between people and their environment, how they work together.

The nation has a major concern in soil degradation as a result of recent drought.

The have another concern about the drop in water level at lake Victoria.

Jobs that can be found in Tanzania are mining, agricultural, and tourism. A picture of each one will be listed below

This is agriculture
This is a picture to represent tourism
This is people mining which is a job found in Tanzania.

The video above shows how each thing a human does effects the environment in different ways.

Tanzania has no endangered species but they do have 5 unique mammals one being a squirrel and the rest which are listed down below!

Kirk's Colobus which is also know as a monkey.
This is a Duiker Antelope, another unique mammal found in Tanzania.
Tanzania has two elephant shrews which were discovered in the mountains.
Areas that can be grouped together by a set of things special to that area.

The literacy rate of Tanzania is 73.2% along with a GDP per capita of $879.

The total population of Tanzania is 53.5 million along with 58.50 population density.

The area is 364,900 square miles.

The life expectancy for males in Tanzania is 60.8 years and for females it is 63.6 years.

Tanzania has an education system that is based on what they call a 7-4-2-3 system.

This is a picture of kids at a school in Tanzania.

They start off with 7 years of primary school which leads to 4 years of secondary school.

A little kid learning his alphabet.

After secondary school you have 2 years of ordinary school with level exams in 9 subjects

Followed by ordinary school is 3 years of advanced level (A) with exams in 9 subjects including general studies.

A class where soldiers came and tought kids for a day.
Place is a particular position or point.

There are over 120 ethnic groups in Tanzania with the vast majority being Bantu speakers.

This is an example of Bantu people.

The largest is the Sukuma

These are Sukuma people.

Others including Nyamwezi and the Makonde.

These are Nyamwezi's

There are two religions practiced in Tanzania is Christianity and Islam

This is a Christian church where Christianity is practiced.
Islam is practiced in Tanzania.

Tanzania celebrates many things but I chose the ones I thought were most important.

They include Eid El Haj which is celebrated on September 1st and is know as a sacrifice feast. ( shown in bottom left picture)

December 1st they celebrate Maulid day( shown in bottom right) and on December 25th they celebrate Christmas just like us here in the United States( shown in top right picture down below).

On December 26th they celebrate what they call Boxing Day.( shown in picture on top left)

This is a short clip of what it's like Christmas Day in Tanzania

This is what muslims do on Eid El Haj day.

The top two pictures are refuge camps the bottom two are soccer teams in Tanzania.

The video above is about the overflow of refugees.

Lend a helping hand

These are Tanzanians getting help from other people around the world.

Get more out of your vacation then just beautiful scenery you can help the less fortunate in many ways.

Beautiful scenery in Tanzania.

Building, farming, medical all while enjoying the beautiful landscape

Enjoy hiking the highest mountain in Africa Mountain Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

You can also visit one of the many national parks they have to offer just like the Pemba island

Pemba island in Tanzania

Girls usually get pregnant by the age 13 and are expelled from school and not welcome back even after giving birth.

A 13 year old girl with her baby.

On the other hand some girls get pulled out of school from marriage and then get pregnant.

70,00 teens die each year from birth related complications.

They play soccer for fun 😃

Kids playing soccer for fun.

The video above is what their music sounds like when they are dancing.

The background is the clothing men or boys wear in Tanzania.

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