Hockey by Matthew

Did you know in the first outdoor hockey game in the 1800s they used forouzan cow dung for the puck.

As you read this article you will see the rules of hockey, the gear and learn the history.

Hockey has rules so you don’t get hurt. In hockey you can not slash. Slashing means hitting someone with the stick or braking there stick. You also can not board in hockey, boarding is when someone hit you when you do not have the puck

You need gear so you can play. In hockey you need knee pads elbow pads hockey pants helmet and skates and a hockey shirt and a stick. You need these things because if you just go with one of these things they would not let you play or you would get hurt. You need to have a stick to shot and you need the other equipment to stay safe.

Hockey history. Hockey was made in Canada, in 1875 march Thread they played the first indoor hockey game. The first teams to play in the NHL was the New York ranger and the Detroit red wings and Toronto maple leafs and the Montreal Canadiens Boston bruins.

Now you know all of the things you need to know about hockey.

Now it is time go find a rink and start playing.


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