Sierra's Spring Break of 2017 At Main Event

the most fun time i had over spring break was when i went to Kenzie's little sisrer's birthday party at Main event.
the first thing we did was bowl, and not to be cocky or anything but..... i whooped everyone's butt with a total score of 92.
then we went into the party room to eat some yummy pizza. after we finished eating, a boy at the party fell asleep on the table and he didn't even wake up when we sang happy birthday.
next, we played laser tag. after everyone put on their vests and got ready, it was time to split up teams. everyone at the birthday party, except for me of course, was on the same team.... i was the loner of the party:(

However, it all worked out because my team won and everyone at the party was super jealous because I got first place on my team!!!

finally, we went to the arcade. i was with kenzie and her cousin, Aysha, since we were the only teens. two boys were just casually walking along and i guess they thought Aysha was "hot" or something. they kept asking her questions, but it came down to this... one of the boys asked how old she was, and when she said 14... the boys said, "oh heckkkkk nooo." they laughed and then walked away and that made me so mad because once they heard her age, they instantly just walked away ....

Apart from that fun and crazy day, it was finally time to go home. Kenzie, Aysha, the birthday girl, and I, all went home to hang out and have a good rest of our day watching TV (aka being lazy).

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