Susan Brownell Athony By: Sydney,gaby,megan,ben,joshua T'risa

Driving Question:What did Susan B. Anthony do to ensure women's rights?

Branching Questions : Sydney, What was a suffragist? Gabriella, How did the Quaker religon influinse Susan B. Anthony's life? Megan, How did Elizabeth C. Stanton help Susan B. Anthony gain the right for women to vote? Ben, haw did the 19th amendment afect Susan B. Anthony? Joshua, What was Susan B. Anthony do to insure womens rights? T'risa, What was it like at Canajoharie Acadamy for Susan B. Anthony?

Susan Brownell Anthony was born Feburary ,15

Places that are importaat to Susan B. Anthony Adams,Massuchusset Battvillle,NY Secneca

A Quaker religon is a part of a Christian group known as the Society of Freinds. They are know as Quakers. Quakers are deciated to experincing God personally rather than through clergy, such as priests or ministers. They call the presence of God inside each person the 'Inner Light'. Quakers believe that the Inner Light guides them through life. They have attend meeting to worship God. The meetings are open to everyone. The worshippers sit quiet, waiting for a message of God. Worshippers who hear a message tell their thoughts with other people. Quakers have a long tradition of working for peace and opposing war. Also various Quaker groups organize relief and service projects throughout the world. They also oppose slavery, cruel treatment of prisoners, and unfair treatment of women. Their belief in unfair treatment of women affected SBA's life. This even affects my life today. When she was a little girl a male teacher refused to teach her just because she was a girl. When she grew up she put a end to it. Susan helped bring women's rights and equal rights for everyone into the world. That is how Susan Brownell Anthony changed history.

Elizabeth and Susan B. Anthony formed the National Woman Suffrage Association.

Elizabeth and Susan B. Anthony formed the National Woman Suffrage Association. Susan worked with Elizabeth Cady Stanton . They gathered women together to talk about voting rights. They held marches to bring attention to womens suffrage (suffrage is the right to vote). Elizabeth went to a convention in Sencea Falls,NY in 1848. Elizabeth Cady Stanton delivered the written speech in womens rights to . Elizabeth and Susan B. Anthony worked to gather for women to vote by giving rights the speech. Susan always traveled and gave the speechs. Elizabeth wrote them.They worked together over 50 years to create change.

A suffragist is a person who advocate the extension of suffrage ,especially to women.Suffrage is the right to vote.

She gave in speech seneca falls,New York about women's rights this was a good apertutaty.

Susan B Anthony taught at Canajohaire Academy


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