A GMO or a genetically modified organism is an organism where cells have been entered. Once in the cell, certain genes, which are parts of the DNA, are altered. Food companies use this to either alter the physical form of the food or they will change the chemicals inside the food so there is a higher chance of more crops growing. An example of this is corn in the United States. Eighty-five percent of all corn grown in the states is genetically modified. The goal of the modification is to make the corn either immune or at least resistant to herbicide glyphosate, which is a weed killing chemical.


There are many risks of creating GMO's. Studies have shown that GMO corn and soy, when fed to rats, can increase the chance of kidney and liver problems. These symptoms can show up at random times, though, so it is difficult to be able to consistently find the reason for this exact problem.


The way the GMO is able to live on within crops is because of mitosis. Mitosis is the process of a single cell splitting in two to create another cell with the identical DNA. Since certain cells have been modified at the genetic level, this means that when they go through their division, it will create the identical DNA in both cells. Again, a good example of this is corn. The cell mutation reaches the kernels (seeds) and then those seeds are planted creating new GM corn.

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