Habit 1 Be Proactive- take responsibility for your Life

Reactive Choices

-Based on impulse

-Tell them off

-Hit them

-Go into depression

-Silent treatment

-Spread rumors

Proactive Choices

-Based on values & principles

-Forgive them

-Comfort them & calmly let them know how that made you feel

-Ignore it & give them a 2nd chance

Proactive Language

-I'll do it

-I can do better than that

-Lets look at all our options

-I choose to

Reactive Language

-I'll try...

-There's nothing I can do

-That's just the way I am

-I have to

-I can't

-You ruined my day

Proactive People

-They can brush things off without getting offended

-Take responsibility

-Think before acting

-Bounce back when something bad happens

Reactive People

-Easily Offended

-Wait for things to happen to them

-Blame others

-Critizie & complain

Victimous Virus

When you think everyone is out to get you

Circle of No Control
  • 2 things that we control

-Our attitude

-Our respondes

  • 2 things we have no control over

-Skin color

-The past

Habit 1: Be Proactive

By: Savannah Neatherly, Julia Pearce, & Molly Sorrels


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