In Kouris Dam in the province of Limassol there is a church dedicated to Saint Nikolao which appears only when the water level lowered. It attracted the attention of archaeologists from America, Australia and the Louvre! Apart from the hidden church that appears sometimes a year, the sunken village is an archaeological treasure.

Church bell tower stays alone

Inside the building

The church is dedicated to Saint Nikolao and it was built in 1936

The interest of archaeologists

The long history of the Alassa village, starting from the 17th century. B.C. attracted the attention of archaeologists, which brought to light a series of rare finds. In the area was discovered the largest palace of the Late Bronze period as well as many bronze objects.

Mosaic with the goddess Aphrodite found in Alassa

The current location of the village is only 12 km from Limassol, on the way to Platres and transferred to it in 1985 as the Alassa village sank entirely in 1989. Historical reports refer to the existence of the village from the 17th century B.C and later abandoned in 1881 A.D which was created the small community of 23 residents. Alassa reach 200 residents in 1930. The present village counts around 232 inhabitants.

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