I am number four Afra Paardekooper

I am going to talk about the main character in my novel, "John Smith". This is a boy who came from another planet, Loriën, to Earth 10 years ago with nine other children. They were a danger to the Mogadoriën, the ones they left their planet for, because they had special powers. The Mogadoriën were going to kill all of the nine in chronological order, they had already killed the first three, so they were after John next; number Four. That is why he and Henri (his protector and guardian) move a lot and change their names every time this happens. He has Henri because only the nine children and their protectors could fit in the rocket to Earth, they had to leave all of their familymembers behind, who were eventually dying. John is a positive person but not very social, he always had in mind that they could be moving any minute. Making friends and getting close with people would only make it harder for him to leave again and not being able to give an explanation why. He is a very helpful person who can control his anger if needed in situations where he can't show his powers. But it all changes when he and Henri move to Ohio and he starts making friends and even falls in love with Sarah who becomes very important to him. He obviously hopes that for the first time in his life he could settle down and not think about running away all the time. Maybe become even better friends with Sam, possibly also with others, and spend the rest of his life without fear in happiness with Henri and Sarah. But what he hopes for is not exactly what happens, the Mogadoriën come closer and closer.... They eventually find him and have a big fight where a bully in school, his dog, number Six, Henri, Sam and himself are included in. Unfortunatly not everyone makes is out alive, Henri does not survive. But he and all the others did fought so extremely hard that for the first time the one being haunted (Four) survives a Mogadoriën attack. John is shocked and can't seem to handle the fact that Henri died for him. Over all he still is grateful for the survive of all the others, but he still needs to move again for the safety of all the people he cares about.

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