Visual trends 2021 Your guide to trending visual styles that will make you stand out

Visual trends in motion

Geometric Minimalism

Design and composition always try to push the boundaries in search of truly unique creativity. But in that pursuit, it can sometimes go too far. Shouting louder can often leave us in a dissonant din.

Geometric Minimalism takes a step back to provide a breath of fresh air giving your eyes the respite they deserve. There's simplicity in the design, and therefore simplicity in the messaging. Architectural angles, ordered lines and clean backgrounds present a modern canvas clear of clutter; it stands out in the chaos. Yet it's not just the aesthetic appeal that makes this visual trend so great. It also has versatility thanks to the way it often accommodates copy space without feeling contrived.

Materials Blended

The digital world is in its relative infancy, yet it feels as if we're already growing tired of it. It's inescapable really. The box has been opened. But that doesn't mean we can't bring the contents of the old box with us. A box filled with tactile materials from the good old days.

Materials Blended describes a fast-moving trend where we're not concerned about consistency in materials or formats. Designers are happy to mix mediums to tell their story and convey an emotion. Doodling on photographs gives a new level of creative freedom leading to endless possibilities while paper textures are in vogue as we seek to remember the beauty of tactile textures that we slowly lose to the digital world.

People Power

Protests are nothing new. But they're in no danger of dissipating. If anything, we're getting louder. People are gaining the confidence to speak up against injustices because they can feel the positive impact of their collective voice.

People Power documents the meaningful changes that can be made through the power of voice. Communities realise their strength in numbers and are banding together with a common cause to achieve greater good. It can be hard to speak up when you feel alone. That’s why support and empathy are more important than ever because nothing ever changed through silence.

Filmic Flow

Ever since the inception of cinema, it's had a dazzling, alluring quality to it that we just can't resist. Is it the wide aspect ratio? Maybe it's the dark, contrast-heavy lighting? Or perhaps it's the heavy use of colour grading? But one thing’s for sure, it has been hugely influential on its parent format, the still image.

Filmic Flow shines a light on photography with a cinematic quality that's often hard to pinpoint; a je ne sais quoi you could say. It can evoke an emotion we don't know the name or provide an aesthetic that lingers in the mind. But this dynamic trend never stands still. Recently, we’ve been seeing the use of highly saturated colours and high-key lighting as filmmakers seek to create a new look.

Digital Domains

Digital worlds have been on the rise long before we were forced to communicate through video calls all day. Recent events have only accelerated efforts to provide digital experiences and platforms to indulge in. Virtual reality is still on the rise, and with that, a parallel universe has surfaced.

Digital Domains illustrates our relationship with technology and our continuing journey to realise its full potential as new applications crop up every year. The digital space was once very separate from the real world. But as technology and culture develops, the space they occupy is merging; cosplayers bring fictional characters to life while augmented reality seeks to bring the digital and the analogue together in harmony.