PLN Twitter Journeys Where could it lead?

Unfortunately, Twitter has a bad rap….

We want to flip that perception!

Let’s face it...many times we are under attack as professional educators. And many times criticism and cynicism come from ignorance.

Let’s tell a story of caring, competent eduheroes who are HUNGRY to connect, learn, and grow!

What can Twitter do for my STUDENTS in my classroom?


Feedback from not just peers and teachers, but people around the globe. Authors, poets, and artists from around the world see and interact with our students. .
The authors Tweeted back to the student. He's hooked.
Research articles, literary quotes and amazing projects vs. selfies, food pics, and celebrity rants.

Blow up the "box", and your classroom walls.

Extend the learning opportunities beyond your class, classroom, and class period.
Why wait until class tomorrow.?
Yes, I am 'that guy'. A little grammar lesson on public sticks with not just that student, but with those that follow.
I do not, and cannot know it all. Why wouldn't I allow my students learn from great teachers EVERYWHERE?

Celebrate the Awesome!

Students: "Are you going to Tweet this?"

Share and Assess

How can Twitter help me develop as a TEACHER?

How can Twitter impact my SCHOOL in a positive way?

Lacie had been reading our tweets about EdCamp313 because she follows some of her teachers. Our kids, and their parents, are watching.


Voxer is a "Walkie-Talkie" app that allows you to collaborate with voice, text, or images. Groups are formed, and collaboration is taken to another level.

Groups that Sam and Jason are a part of: Titter Leaders, #BHSela, English Nerds, Hacking PBL Book Study, Professional Learning Team, Awesome Kansas Teachers.


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