Formal Case Report Anna Garcia case Arturo Vargas PD:4

A. Introduction

Anna Garcia case is about that Douglass called in that he was worried about his neighbor Anna Garcia. The last time someone spoke to her was the day before around 6:30. He notice that she has been wearing a sweater even though there was having a heat wave. The EMT arrived in her house at 9:46am and they found her dead.They later found out that her ex-husband has been in her house the day before. Also that her best friend wanted to buy her out of their business. While examining the house they found drips of blood, They also found aspirin on the table, vomit on the ground, and they found a vaccine.

B.Summary of Findings

Fingerprint-- This fingerprint on the glass of wine belongs to Alex Garcia. We now know that Alex was there last night right before the death of his ex-wife Anna.
HAIR-- If the hair belong to Anna we know that Lucy and Erica weren't with Anna at the time of her death.
UNKNOWN SUBSTANCE-- The unknown substance was Aspirin. Now that we know its aspirin we could say that she had pain or issues.
BLOOD SPLATTER-- We could assume from the blood splatter pattern that she was standing at a 90 degree angle and that the table was 74cm.
DNA--If the blood matches Anna's DNA we therefore know that the blood belongs to Anna, also that no one else blood was there.
TIME OF DEATH-- Anna had been dead for 4 hrs. She died at 7 am which means that her ex-husband wasn't with her at time.
AUTOPSY-- The autopsy showed us that she had probably fallen and hit her head.

C. Conclusion

I would say she dies by an accident. The reason why is because the hair sample belongs to Anna so we can assume that Erica and Lucy weren't with her. Anna has been dead since 7am,use the glaister equation, Alex wasn't there at time. The blood didn’t belong to anyone else. The unknown substance was aspirin she has pain or issue. The bruise and wound could’ve been caused but hitting herself on the table. She had no sign of struggle, alcohol or drugs within her blood stream.

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