Course : Skill Builder : Imaging with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for education

Digital Imaging Class 1 : Adobe Photoshop

Homework Assignment : Technical Challenge - repair a damaged old photo

Homework Assignment : Creative Challenge - illusion of levitation using masks

Digital Imaging Class 2 : Adobe Illustrator

Homework Assignment :Technical Challenge & Creative Challenge : Work with character tool and using the mesh tool.

Digital Imaging Class 3 : Reflect on my learning

This course was useful for me. The Assignments in the course stimulate creative thinking and practice of many important tools. With the tasks I practiced them and I increased my skills. Guidance of instructors are very good - they show the perspective of professionals and inspire participants. For my students will also be useful because it helped me to find a new way of encouraging them. I wish success to all participants.


Course : Skill Builder : Design for Print and Screen

Design for Print and Screen : Class 1

Homework Assignment : Create a recipe design in Adobe InDesign

Design for Print and Screen : Class 2

Homework Assignment : Create a music poster in Adobe InDesign

Design for Print and Screen : Class 3 Reflect on my learning

To this moment in my work I rarely use InDesign. But the desire for new knowledge is always the best incentive. Perhaps participants with more experience with InDesign will find this course as easy to perform. But I'm a beginner and every assignment really was a challenge to me.

It was a very useful course with good instructors and objective participants.

I wish success to everyone!

The course is completed successfully. I got a certificate and a badge.

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