Yellow Fellow (No Phonies Allowed)

Before I begin, let's set some things straight -- I hate fakes. Fake designer items, fake people, fake suitcases (Boy does that make my blood boil!), and especially fake news. The rise in fake news has been really annoying. How can there be so many phonies in the world? These articles, with their exaggerated, clickbaity titles and fake statistics, are written by attention seeking phonies. They really are. Now, I have met plenty of phonies in my lifetime. Phonies such as all the people at Pencey and especially my old roommate from Elkton Hills (I will leave his name out because well… I am trying to be a better person.) Even with all my experience, I have trouble imagining the types of people who have the time and who put in the effort to write these fake news articles. Seriously, who does it? I was on the can the other day and I was scrolling through Facebook only to see this article with a ridiculous title. It read Hillary Clinton is Running a Child Sex Ring out of a Pizza Shop. I almost lost it. Not only was this phony author making money, but the dumb phony readers most likely believed every single word written in the article. They are always so gullible. You could convince phonies that pigs have underwent a mutation and are now able to fly. They would believe you. They really would. At least with a fake designer bag, the individual is just hurting the company and fooling their community. With fake news, however, the author can fool the entire world and hurt even the most beloved of people.

Does this look like a child sex trafficker? If you said yes, you are a phony.
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Emma Potts

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