Florida Museum of Natural History Alli Gosser

Nature on Display

The exhibit regarding nature that I found to be the most interesting was the frog exhibit. It interested me the most because it had a unique set up, in the way that it featured both graphics of frogs and the actual live frogs that were talked about in the graphics. The way that this exhibit was arranged easily captured my attention because there were so many colors and things to look at that it was impossible to walk by without seeing what was going on. Had this exhibit not have been arranged the way it was, I think it would have been hard to actually understand how frogs move around or how the different types of frogs differentiate from one another. But, because each display was clearly labeled as to what type of frogs were inside, it was easy to understand what kind I was looking at and be able to see how the frogs interacted with each other and moved around. All of these abilities to interact and feel immersed in nature was the reason that I enjoyed visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History. All of the exhibits were detailed and seemed like a lot of thought was put into the project before executing it.

Nature & Ethics

I was able to relate to Leopold's mindset about appreciating and loving the earth while at the Florida Museum of Natural History because it was able to emotionally invest you in the exhibits that were there. I think it is important to go to natural history museums because they are able to divert a person's attention from the things that he or she usually thinks about and truly focus on nature and the things going on throughout the earth. Consequently, while going through the museum, I felt very interested in the nature that was exposed and sensed the importance of paying attention to the displays. I thought the museum was not only interesting, but also fun to be able to see so many different representations of nature. It also seemed like the people around me were also really intrigued by the many exhibits because it allowed them to connect with nature through actually experiencing it through things such as the butterfly garden or the frog exhibit, where actual nature was on display. Relating back to Leopold and his theory of the importance of loving and taking care of nature, I think that this experience at the museum made me feel like I should be more mindful of nature and try to take steps towards conserving it.

Examples of how the museum showcased live nature- there were actual butterflies flying around which allowed visitors to experience nature in a firsthand and engaging way, helping to appreciate nature more as Leopold recommended

Nature & the Human Spirit

The Florida Museum of Natural History allowed people to step out of the normality of everyday life through featuring exhibits that people commonly would not think about. For example, there was a large display about the early people who inhabited south Florida, which a person commonly would not think about in daily life. But, through seeing things such as the early people who lived here, it can help us to understand how we came to be and who we are rooted in. Besides this, through seeing how nature has evolved, it leads to a sense of appreciation for nature and its beauty.

Early people of south Florida

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