Arcadia Were forged for you

Luxurious Beaches

Beautiful Yahweh National Park

Exotic Road Trips

And castle abram the water front palace

Free education for everyone

Luxury homes

Beautiful gardens

Beautiful vineyards

A king that's for the people

Manufacturing jobs for everyone

And apex our monitoring system

Apex acts like gods eye from fast and furious 7

We made him so he learns but if he rebels we have two ways to shut him down

The USB killer

And a emergency shutdown switch

And he's programmed to play our anthem

Because come on you need something that identifies you

We also have A military that is strong

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird are standard in our military

And our Zarooq Sand Racers are fitted to be like tanks

Super carriers aircraft carrier for Lockheed SR-71 Blackbirds

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy for transportation of sand racers

RPG-71 are also standard as well as

MG 11's

We have a few laws,rights and freedoms that can be changed only by the king

1:Obey the king

2:go to school for twelve years

3:never leave the country unless authorized

4:have a job unless authorized

5:do not endanger any other citizen of the country

6:must have children unless authorized

7:you are allowed connection to the rest of the world

8:No illegal Activities whatsoever

9: 100% recycling policy

We have a few industries that are flourishing (Computer programing,Mining,Manufacturing,farming)

We have 25% taxation on whatever you make

Medium government involvement so you can have some freedom

We're a Civic nation

We have a Melting pot policy so there won't be any prejudice

And we provide a free site to watch movies and tv shows

Free high speed internet

Free health care

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