Being a Teen in Switzerland By Benton Sherman 5th Hour

there are 8.081 million people in switzerland It is just west of france
Being 15 in Switzerland is not ordinary because of the expectations their parents have of them, but yet it is really fun because of the sports and big group activities.
Kids in Switzerland have high expectations from their parents. They have to dress nice and act appropriately all the time.
If you do visit switzerland you have to dress nice and act the way they do. They will think you are WEIRD if you don't. you will notice every one dresses nice and the are all modest. (Afsusa) “Our Students from Switzerland.” Our Students from Switzerland | AFS-USA,
This proves that life is not ORDINARY because most of the time teens have to act like adults and dress nice for everything. this is because their parents want them to.
teens in switzerland like to be with friends. They will join clubs or sports teams so they can do the things they like to do and be with their friends while doing it.
Teens sometimes join clubs so they can be a better part of the community and do fun activities. (afsusa)
This shows that life is fun in switzerland is fun because the kdis can be a part of a team and be with their friends.
In conclusion life in switzerland for a fifteen year old is not ORDINARY but yet it is still really fun because of the group OPPORTUNITIES.

Claim 2

Through the PROCESS of finding a connection I learned that kids in switzerland don't have much different lives than i do.
many teens are a part of a sports team and some are a part of clubs from school. they do this so they can be with friends and do fun things.
Teens will join these clubs to be a better part of the community and there are fun activities involved. other would join a sports team so they can do the sports they like with their friends.
I can understand why these kids like to be in big groups. most of the teens i know like to be with friends no matter if its on the ski hill or just at school. Being social is really fun and it helps to connect yourself with others.
In conclusion swiss fifteen year olds don't have many differences in their lives than in mine.

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