Wildscreen Environmental Policy Click here

Here at Wildscreen, we know that we have a responsibility to the environment that goes beyond legal requirements.

To honour this, we are making a promise that we will reduce our environmental impact both in the day to day running of Wildscreen, and in the events that we hold. We will keep making improvements as we grow and develop, and checking up on ourselves to make sure we’re doing everything we can.

Our ambition is to be leaders in our field and we will encourage customers, suppliers, venues and our community to do the same

Our day-to-day

We always switch off lights and electrical equipment when not in use. In the colder months we promise to favour jumpers over heaters and will only have them on when necessary. We will monitor energy and water usage and always endeavour to find creative ways to reduce the amount we use.

We use paperless billing where possible and are always mindful of the paper we are using, and when we need to use paper we will only buy recycled and recyclable paper products (and recycle and reuse all paper products)

Trips will only be made where necessary and if there is an alternative to travelling such as email, phone or video conference then these options will be favoured. Staff are encouraged to travel to work by means such as cycling, walking and public transport.


When choosing venues for Wildscreen events we will endeavour to Work with venues that are willing to work alongside us to reduce the Environmental impact of the event before booking venues we will enquire about if/how they recycle and if it is not satisfactory according to Wildscreen’s policy, we will arrange for collection and recycling of waste. We will also take responsibility For waste at outdoor events.

There will be clearly labelled recycling bins for attendees to use at Wildscreen events. No plastic straws, cutlery, plates, cups or bottles will be used at Wildscreen events. Venues will be booked with easy access to public transport where possible.

We will offer all attendees the opportunity to offset the carbon produced travelling to our events, and we will offset Wildscreen staff travel.

Running events can require a lot of printing, not just on paper but on bags, t-shirts, badges and more. We will endeavour to reduce printing for our events by switching to digital platforms, and when we do print we will make efforts to use vegetable inks and recycled materials.

Wildscreen will no longer serve meat or fish at events, and will always favour a plant-based menu. We are serious about sustainability and know that by not serving meat we are drastically reducing the effect that our events have on the environment. We also know that lots of food from events goes to waste so we will work closely with caterers to reduce waste, and contact local charities and food banks to donate left over edible food following events.

Our people

To make sure that everybody is on the same page we will communicate with our team and everyone we work with to make sure that all of our environmental objectives are met.

We’ll train our staff and work with suppliers to keep improving on environmental performance.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for how we can do better, drop us a line on hello@wildscreen.org

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