Drug-Addicted Mothers Seeking Help By: nikki eggeman

The most common used drug today is heroin. Whether the mother is an IV user or sniffs heroin, the effects will be the same on the baby. This picture represents a person who is an IV user. Using needles increases the chances for a transmitted disease due to the dirty needle. If the mother is diagnosed with this disease, it is likely the baby will be diagnosed with it as well.
Hurt, hopelessness, pain, escape, numb; words that come to mind when you look at these photos. The loss of a future also stands out. The bottom right picture is of Amy Winehouse; an incredibly talented young girl whose life was cut short due to overdose.

Although this picture does not include a needle, or a bottle of alcohol; it includes hurt and confusion. Wondering what is going to happen next, wondering if there will even be a tomorrow morning. Addicts live a life full of fear not knowing if there will be another day.

This picture reminds me of a woman back home. Every day she is panhandling on a street corner with a sign that says "Homeless mother of 4. Also a crack addict. Not going to lie. Anything helps." It breaks my heart because I do not know where the children are; but also because this mother is so bound in addiction that she no longer feels the need to hide it.

This picture is personally my favorite. It shows hurt from the other side. From the child's side. Looking into the eyes of a child that either has an addicted mother, or no mom at all; due to addiction. The hurt of feeling alone or unwanted is portrayed through the eyes of this child.


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