Cocktail hour is such an important part of the pre-dinner spirit. The barmen at FERA perfectly recreate the classics and they also venture into unchartered territory. Come and take your taste buds on a journey. Wander into India with a perfectly made Mango and Saffron Sour, try a twist on the classic Brazilian favorite with a fragrant and subtle Pear and Lavender Caipirinha, and take a stroll down Madison Avenue to sip a Roasted Manahttan.

Here you will find recipes of our favorite cocktails and information about the sake we serve.

Mango & Saffron Sour

50 ml Saffron Gin

30 ml Clara de Huevo

20 ml de Antica Formula

1/2 Lima

50 ml Zúmo Mango

Decoración Azafrán y 3 Gotas Angostura

Roasted Manhattan

50 ml Bourbon Woodford Infusinado en Cafe

20 ml Antica Formula

20 ml Licir Cereza

Decoracion Cereza Marraschino

Passionfruit Sakerinha

50 ml Enter Black Sake

1 Bola Fruta de laPasión

1 Lima Troceada

Decoración 1/2 fruta de la Pasión

Gajo de Lima

Raspberry and Wasabi Martini

50 ml Enter Black Sake

30 ml Brockmans Gin

40 ml Frambuesa

0.01 Grams Wasabi

Edible flower for garnish

Nihou Negroni

30 ml Enter Black Sake

30 Antica Formula

30 ml Compari

Decoracion Piel de Naranja y Naranja Deshidratada

Med Mary

50 ml Belevedere Vodka

20 ml Fino Jerez

200 ml Zúmo Tomate

3 Gotas Tabasco

3 Gotas Perrins

1 Gramo Sal

1 Gramo Pimienta

Decoració Apio

Pear and Lavender Caipirinha

80 ml Cachaça

50 ml Pure de Pera

1 Lima Troceada

Decoración Lima Deshidratada y Lavanda

Enter Sake


ENTER.Sake is a boutique sake collection curated by music icon and technology visionary, Richie Hawtin. Together they present the perfect alternative to a wine pairing for the menus at FERA Palma.


A clean pure style of sake, with white mountain flowers on the nose.


An aromatic Ginjo sake with honeysuckle on the nose and floral notes of cherry blossoms.


Find notes of melon, peach, and chrysanthemum on the palate.


Find notes of melon, peach, pear, and white pepper.


Offers clean fleshy rice notes on the palate tinged with sweet Asian pear.


Lively on the palate with fresh notes of apple, starfruit, and melon

About FERA

On entering FERA through the typical Mallorcan courtyard with sculptures and greenery, diners can opt to eat in the warmly lit main dining room, or for those that prefer a more intimate experience, the exclusive charcoal and white library room. With space for only 16 people, the library is the ideal spot for a private dinner party or quiet date night. The bar with its old stone arches, spectacular Balinese chandeliers and view overlooking the charming garden provides a perfect retreat for a pre or post dinner drink.

Hours for FERA

First and last orders: 13.00 to 15.00 and 19.00 to 22.00

Friday: 13.00 to 15.30 and 19.00 to 22.30

Open: 13.00 to 17.00 and 19.00 to 24.00

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

For reservations, please call T.+34 971 595 301 or email: reservations@ferapalma.com

Address: Carrer de la Concepció, 4, Palma de Mallorca, 07012 Follow us on Instagram @FeraPalma and Facebook @FeraPalmaRestaurant

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