Farm Equipment Through Historic By: Michael Adame

Ancient Civilizations Farming

Before the creation of tools, nomadic people roamed the earth following wild crops and animals for food. heir food, instead of traveling around picking wild food. People invented farming in different places at different point of time. In West Asia about 12,000 BC, in Africa about 10,000 BC, in South America about 8000 BC, in China about 6000 BC. From there farming spread (sometimes as a result of farmers conquering their neighbors) to Europe (about 7000 BC, reaching northern Europe about 4500 BC), to Sudan (about 4000 BC), and to Native Americans (about 1 AD).

Hand Tools Through History

Many early civilizations used vary rudimentary tools, such as sticks, to plant the seeds into the soil. Most weeds were pulled by hand, most likely by woman. At around 3000 BC damns were created and irrigation became possible. This allowed people to grow crops in locations previously unable to harbor crops. During the Roman Empire metal work became common allowing for the tools to become more durable.

Early Tractors

The creation of the internal combustion engine in the 1800s animal powered equipment became obsolete. The internal combustion engine first made an appearance in 1878. It wasn't until 1892 when the first successful gas powered tractor was created. The term "Tractor" was first coined in 1903 by Hart Parr Gasoline Engine Company of Charles City, Iowa.

Field of hay bailed

Farmers are able to grow crops on much larger sections of land due to the technological advances. In the 1930s a farmer was able to grow enough food for 4-5 people. By the 1970 the number jumped from 4 to 73. This number contributed to grow by the year 2010 a single farmer feed up to 155 people.

New York City

While farmers are feeding more people, more people are moving to the cities. From the years 2000-2010 the urban population increased by 12.1%. As of 2010 the urban population accounts for 80.7% of the United States population as a whole.

Technology advances have now allowed tractors to be complete animated. The farmer no longer needs as many helping hands. He is spending less on labor but more on equipment


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