Circe vs. Beyonce Greek Goddess vs. celebrity

One way the two women are similar is their feminist views. Circe was a women who knew how she should be treated and what she deserved. When Odysseus' companions did not treat her well, she turned them to pigs. Beyonce is not nearly as harsh, but she does have some of the same opinions as Circe. They both agree that women should have just as much power and opinion as men.
One difference between them is how they handle their opinions. Circe thought it was a good idea to just turn those she disagreed with into pigs and beasts. On the other hand, Beyonce takes her opinion and makes speeches and sings about it to spread the message.
Another way they are similar is the meaning of their names. Circe is know for her magic, and she was a popular which. She went behind Odysseus' back and turned his people into pigs, and it was out of their power to try to stop her. The name Beyonce means "beyond others." They are similar because they both mean they are almost "more powerful" then others.

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