The Green Revolution By: Savannah Gery

What is the Green Revolution?

a period when the productivity of global agriculture increased drastically as a result of new advances

What are high-yield crops?

crops that are specifically designed to produce more overall yield

What is multiple cropping?

when a field is used to grow two or more crops throughout the year, so the field constantly has something growing on it

What were some benefits of the Green Revolution?
  • producing larger quantities of food
  • Cuba could feed its population
  • a certain type of wheat could produce more food and exportation of wheat
  • being able to grow more crops on the same amount of land with similar amounts of efforts
  • production cost was reduced
  • food in the market was cheaper
  • less forests were converted to farmland
What were some issues with the Green Revolution?
  • environmental hazards including pollution of soil and water systems and erosion
  • irrigation systems the resulted in water shortages a droughts
  • consumption of energy
  • the production of genetically modified foods


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