Blackie An angry tuxedo cat

History of the World Wide Web

I think the future of the web is going to continue to grow and improve. There will be more areas in life that we will be able to apply the web to as technology improves and new machinery is discovered. The web controls a large part of our lives, at least in first world countries that can afford it, but I believe that the web will ultimately become more accessible to people in third countries as well. Many aspects of human life have been converted to the web, such as talking to people (social media and messaging apps), seeing one another (webcam services, Skype), shopping (websites for stores, Amazon), reading (Kindle, eBooks), etc. I believe that a lot more things will eventually also be converted to the web as we find more ways to incorporate the web into our lives. As the web and our need for it continue to grow, we will become more and more reliant on the web until certain physical products become obsolete.

In terms of physical appearance of the web, I think that it’s a little hard to predict. But I think that many websites (at least more professional ones) nowadays typically enjoy a minimalistic look, or one that does not overwhelm the user. There is generally a sort of organized structure for websites, which depends on the website and its content, of course. But this need to combine usability and aesthetics is a topic that is becoming more and more familiar to people, especially with newer generations because they are growing up with the web. The current look of the web is a lot sleeker and neater than what it used to be, and I think that type of aesthetic will continue. I can’t imagine how much more organized the web could become, but I’m sure that there will be new ideas that will create an even more minimalistic web.

It’s hard to say if accessing the web will become easier or harder. It’s really easy right now, and it may be even easier in the future to find things for free. At the same time, however, there are a lot of restrictions in place, as well as copyrights and similar things. I’m hoping that it will be easier to access the web, especially when it comes to books, although I can’t say if that will happen because I understand that writers and companies need to make money off of books. I’m hoping that, at least, accessing books and other services through the web will be cheaper. I do think that we will be able to access the web through more things though. Currently, we have computers, laptops, phones, etc. to reach the web. But there will be more products that we can use to reach the web, such as through glasses, and I think that all the fancy technology in futuristic movies will one day be a thing.

Design is important for the future of the web, because we need it to use the web. Even a small thing such as simply choosing a font is technically a part of design. Design thinks about usability and aesthetics, both of which are incredibly vital to a functioning website. Design will improve the way that we can use the web and can make it even easier than it is now. Popular websites, like Facebook and Twitter, could not have been as popular as it is today if it were not for design. Regardless of what happens, design will always be a part of the web.

Brought to life by his fiery rage, Blackie is a black & white tuxedo cat who continues to thrive by, you guessed it, his anger. He spends most of his days lounging & sleeping in the sun, begging for food, and showing his displeasure whenever possible.

A series of dashing photos of the man himself

Kimono Kitty

Tolerantly wearing a kimono, he impatiently awaits for more of his well-deserved cat treats

I have been temporarily subdued, but if I am not fed soon, they will feel my wrath

Untold Legend

It's been said that somewhere, deep in icy, treacherous mountains, past a lightless forest of prowling beasts, across a raging and unforgiving sea, hides a small tuxedo cat with shining emerald eyes. He has formed these barriers by the pure force of his anger, for he holds great treasure, and if you successfully reach him, you will be gifted with riches and good fortune for the rest of your days.

How to Sleep: Cat Edition

The best way to sleep is to curl up into a ball, of course. But take it a step further by twisting yourself in a way that essentially makes your head upside down.

Fashion First

He ponders as he thoughtfully stares into the emptiness of the room, "...do I look meownificent in this chiffon scarf?"


I may appear small, but do not be mistaken, for I am a fearless lion within and am fit to rule this household as I please.

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