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See below for current meeting arrangements.


Our Sunday meetings are paused at present, but you can join us online most Sundays at 10:30AM for our Sunday service livestream via the link below

Bury Christian Fellowship is a growing family of believers, passionately committed to being and bringing the Good News to Bury and beyond.

Our mission is to glorify God through the rhythm of our lives together, by reaching up, reaching in and reaching out.

To find out more join us at 10:30am on Sundays at the Manna House, Irwell Street, Bury, BL9 0HE 0161 222 0506 office@bury.org.uk

Our key values
We hold four important values that shape everything that we do as a church.
  • Devotion - to God, His Word, His Ways
  • Family - loving and caring for those around us
  • Discipleship - learning to be like Jesus
  • Mission - serving those around us, sharing life with them
Our Vision
Our vision is: "To be and bring the Good News to Bury and beyond."
Prophetic promises
We believe that God has promised us all we need to achieve the vision He has placed before us.
  • Isaiah 60 underpins much that God has said to us.
  • In addition, over several years and in a number of ways God has promised a range of things including:
  • Three congregations, one church, one name
  • Fruitfulness and growth
  • A unique sound to our worship, one we will export....and much more...
BCF Events and Activities

Meetings & Events.

(Please note; due to the Coronavirus restrictions our Sunday meeting, Reminis-sing and Musical Memories have moved online at present - We and our partners continue to provide meals for anyone who needs one Tuesday to Saturday.)

  • Sunday 10:30 AM: Our Sunday Meeting; Praise & worship, teaching, preaching, ministry, prayer and children's groups.
  • Midweek Life Groups: These groups form the heart of our church community, where members of the church family meet to share life together. Life Groups meet at various locations in and around Bury, typically in someones home. We call these Life Groups, as its where the life of the church is lived out.
  • Meals for anyone who needs them:
  • Various local organisations use the Manna House to provide FREE meals for those who need one throughout the week:
  • Breakfast Tues. & Wed. 10-12 run by Time4Change
  • Lunch Thu. 11.00-13.00 run by BCF
  • Lunch Fri. 12.00-13.30 Run by Cracking Good Food & Humans M/C
  • Tea Sat. 16.00-17.30 run by BCF
  • Reminis-Sing: Friday 10:00am- 12:00 noon is a singing and music event for people with memory problems their friends and carers. Please note these sessions alternate with Musical Memories a group with the same aims run by Carers Trust 4all - These session are currently taking place 'virtually' with sessions being broadcast via our Facebook page and YouTube channel..
Street Pastors in Bury

Street Pastors

We support the Bury Street Pastors initiative and a number of our people are personally involved. Street Pastors are Christians from local churches, all volunteers, who are trained to help and advise those who find themselves vulnerable. Street Pastors are on duty in Bury town centre each Friday and Saturday from 10:00pm to 3:00am. Street Pastor patrols have been curtailed during the current lockdown, however many of the team members have taken on other volunteer roles, including helping provide meals for anyone on need.

Our Leaders

Senior Leadership Team

The Elders/Senior Leadership team are: Nigel & Lucy Thompson, David & Lisa Woodman

In addition to the Eldership/Senior Leadership team we have a committed and able group of wider leaders who lead our Life Groups and Ministry Streams (Trustees, Worship Teams, Prophecy Group, Sozo, Youth work, Children's groups, Social Action, Administration and Building Management)

Teaching, Talks and Resources

Other Christian Resources

The Manna House

Building & Room Hire


BCF on Social Media

Creativity at BCF

Worship takes many many forms from acts of service and compassion, and through the whole gamut of creativity - Music - Writing - Dance and more! So here's a peek into the creative, worshipful side of the BCF family.

An example of David Woodman's music

Salt & Light

Bury Christian Fellowship is a member of the Salt & Light family of Churches

Bury Christian Fellowship is a limited company (08208655) registered with the Charity commission (number 1149072) Registered Office: The Manna House, Irwell St. Bury, Lancashire, BL9OHE - 0161 222 0506 - office@bury.org.uk

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