8 Things to Know About Triathlons By Landon Rast

1) It's a Full Contact Sport, so Use it to your Advantage

In the swim portion of a triathlon there are no judges or officials, so you can do what ever you want. If someone won't stop pulling on your feet or kicking you in the face, just shove them under the water because there are no rules that say you can't. If someone tries to ruin your race, make sure you don't let them get away with it.

2) Nutrition is the Key to Success

Nutrition is extremely important before and after the race. Before the race, triathletes should eat an abundant amount of carbohydrates and protein. After the race it is typical for a triathlete to have even more protein and electrolytes to replenish the muscles.

3) Triathlon is a very Expensive Sport

Triathlon is said to be one of the most expensive sports in the Olympics. For a professional triathlete, it is typical for them to spend about $12,000 on gear every year. Much of this comes from the bike, which can cost up to about $10,000.

4) The Iron Man is not the only Type of Triathlon

When people think of a triathlon, they think of an Iron Man. However there are triathlons that are much shorter and faster. In the Olympics the athletes compete in the sprint distance. It's a 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, and 10 km run.

5) No Matter what, Never Drop Off from your Bike Pack

In the biking portion of the triathlon it is typical for the athletes to form a bike pack so they can work together to catch the athletes in front of them. It is absolutely crucial to stay in your pack and never drop off the back because it is much easier riding behind or next to someone. This is easier than riding alone because you are able to get a draft which creates less wind resistance and ultimately allows you to ride faster.

6) Save some Energy for the Run

Triathlon is not a sprinting sport. Many athletes sprint on the swim and bike, but then have no energy for the run. It's more efficient to start slower and get faster thorugh out the race rather than start faster and get slower at the finish.

7) Crashes are very Common

Statistics show there is a bike crash in 50% of the professional triathlons. Athletes are very careful to not touch other COMPETITORS or take a turn too fast. However, it is a race so competitors will not be friendly and they want to win.

8) Look Good, Race Good

Fitness is only a small aspect of success in a triathlon. Most of your success will come from looking good while racing. If you Buy the most expensive suit, best glasses, and most colorful helmet and you will have a great race every time.
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