The Siege of the Alamo By Kendall Cautivar

Davy Crokett was someone who was writing a letter to his children in the Alamo

Jose de Urrea was a Mexican general who was leading a Mexican army along the gulf coast

James Bowie was sent to San Antonio to evaluate the situation there

William B. Travis was a colonel who was ordered to raise a force to assist Bowie

James Bonham was a volunteer force from Alabama called the Mobile Grays

Casualties are people who are killed, wounded, captured, or missing during battles

Susanna Dickinson a survivor and wife of Almaron Dickinson and mother of her daughter Angelina

Noncombatants are people not involved in fighting

On March 6 Texan defenders were awakened by Mexican Shouts and music with the army band playing "El Deguello" the song meant that no mercy would be shown

The rallying cry "Remember the Alamo" was a symbol from a letter General Santa Anna wrote


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