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W+K Residency:

Creative residents should be excited to share their unique vision and voice. That’s what we want to see in your portfolio. It can be campaigns or stunts, doodles or tweets. Just be confident it shows your craft, original ideas, and good instincts. Writers, show us how proud you are of what you think and how you feel, and make us feel it too. Art Directors, show us how to see the world through your artful, bloodshot, highly caffeinated eyes. In short: wow us.

MullenLowe Internship:

Making copies, busy work, coffee runs - these are some of the things you’ll have absolutely no experience with as part of MullenLowe’s Summer Internship Program. Because you’ll be doing real work. Real, client-paid-for, heading-out-into-the-world-to-catch-attention-and-change-minds work. And you’ll be doing it with some of the most talented people, at one of the biggest name agencies in the business.

A collision of collaborators and integrated concepts. On one open-space floor, writers, artists, animators, technologists, videographers, editors, influencers and incubators come together to imagine and build award-winning creative solutions: websites, social communities, viral videos, feeds, apps, print, TV and whatever our coders come up with next.


We typically offer internships — Wongternships, that is — in a variety of roles in both Seattle and LA. Our intern needs are determined based on workload, and on our ability to provide a dedicated supervisor to spend time mentoring each intern. Intern candidates must be at least juniors in college to be considered.

Optional: Create a Mangle and submit it with your application. What’s a Mangle, you ask? It’s a 6-second video that pokes fun at all the different ways people have mangled the company’s name. Wangdoodle, Wongdong, Wangdaddy. The list goes on. Go to the landing page and click on the “!” in our name to see what we’re talking about.

Space150 Internship:

You have unlimited potential and the desire to live up to it. You are hungry to learn and take your skills to the next level. The fire inside of you to fly in the face of fear and destroy convention creates demand for yourself, our clients and space150. As a Junior Design Intern, you help develop breakthrough concepts and create visual solutions for integrated marketing campaigns. You collaborate with more experienced creatives who will guide your work through execution and launch. What you lack in experience, you make up for with your drive. You ask for nothing but you give everything. You have a head full of ideas and a heart full of courage. You see every assignment as an opportunity to showcase your considerable talent to make anything great.


  • Observing things surrounding us: nature, sports, politics, people, everything.
  • Be an ethnographer
  • Culture Vultures
  • Be interested and interesting


  • Simmons
  • WeAreNext
  • Facebook Audience insights
  • LinkedIn
  • Travel
  • Maslow’s Chart
  • Books, any book.
  • The master of algorithm
  • Truth, lies, and advertising
  • Made to stick
  • The Illiad
  • George Orwell 1984
  • A more beautiful question - Warren Berger
  • The signal and the Noise- Nate Silver
  • How to Measure Social Media - Nicole Kelly
  • Newsletters:
  • Atlantic
  • Next Draft
  • Cassandra
  • SB Nation
  • Hustle
  • Complex
  • Sparks & honey
  • PSFK
  • JWT intelligence
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • AdAge


  • Alex Morrison
  • Natalie Kim
  • Erika Bridges & Saeid Vahidi
  • Leslie Ziegler
  • Brock’s crew
  • Kunal Merchant
  • Tracy Woong
  • LinkedIn
  • If you are looking into a certain agency, go to their LinkedIn page and see if any alumni are currently there. Found 19 past ducks at R/GA, 31 at 72andSunny, and other agencies too


Alex Morrison

4 rules:

  • Don’t cry
  • Stagnation is your worst enemy
  • Embrace the stress

What is a strategist??

  • Cultural anthro
  • Phychologist
  • Problem solver
  • Story teller
  • Judge of effectiveness
  • future - ologists
  • Storytelling is the thing that connects all of us, it’s human.
  • “GET SMART” deck - it’s literally every single piece of info on a topic
  • Ex: Oscars, who’s coming, other ads airing, why, what movies, last years ads, etc


  • Insights & AHA’s
  • newletters
  • Social feeds
  • Past experience
  • Focus group
  • DATA!

Digital tools:

  • Google trends
  • Adobe
  • Social listening
  • Google suite
  • Game Changers:
  • Curiousity
  • Gut instincts
  • Willingness to learn
  • Proactive ambition
  • Spotting “interesting

Tools of the Future:

  • Coding and digital creative
  • Consumer data analysis
  • Artificial intelligence
  • “Don’t mistreat the privilege of being in the industry”
  • A hybrid of creativity and research


  • Attitude + effort
  • Sparkle + teeth
  • Make people take notice, your reason why
  • Brave + generous

NAtalie kim

  • Bulbs, not brawls
  • Frame the feedback as a question
  • Be an advocate for the consumer

Know the client’s business better than they do

  • Drink the kool-aid, but not blindly
  • Read the financial reports
  • Track competitive space - use google trends


  • Alumni, local ad clubs, LinkedIn, random portfolio
  • START:
  • With a warm invitation:
  • An innocent ask, based on genuine interest
  • Short and sweet
  • Dont mass email
  • Follow up
“Do what you think is right until someone tells you it’s not.”


“Are you going to sell bullshit that people don’t need?” -E
“I’m going to do it because it never occurred to me that I couldn’t” -E

Clients need numbers (they see this as success)

Leslie Ziegler

  • Don’t let the feedback destroy you, preserve the humanity around you
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Layoffs are a part of the job
  • The garbage disposal rule - do what others won’t.
  • Be kickass, but don’t talk about it. Just do it.
  • Learn how to think, not what to think
  • Take people solutions, no questions on how to do things.

Kunal Merchant

  • Pharma agencies don’t help grow your portfolio, get creative outside
  • People are shifting towards technology, from 2 to 5 million people
  • VR leads to empathy
  • You can experience other places, cultures, envioroments
  • BRANDS, PEOPLE, CULTURE venn diagram

Building tension:

  • Target audience
  • Discover how they engage with one another
  • Explore the cultural zeitgeist (what’s happening now?)
  • Find the edge (honest, true, human)
  • Rinse + repeat

Pictures of Class notes


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