Leonardo de Vinci By Sean Newcomb

Leonardo de Vinci was born in April 15, 1452 and died in May 2 1519. He was a famous for his achievements in art and technology.

Leonardo de Vinci spent his first 5 years at Anchiano.Then he started to live with his dad's grand parents and uncle.His dad had married Albiera when she was 16 years old. She loved Leonardo very much but sadly she died at a young age.

Leonardo was very successful at a young age. At 14 he was one of the most successful artist of his day. In 1472 age 20 he became a master at Guild of ST Luke.He worked in a workshop for his young age.

The Arno Vally

Leonardo's earliest known dated work is a drawing of the Arno Vally in ink and pen. It was draw on August 1473.

Leonardo was the first one to design a helicopter, tank, calculator, and solar power. At this time things like that were not even feasible

One of Leonardo's famous paintings was the Mona Lisa. The Moma Lisa was famous for that mystery smile. The Mona Lisa took Leonardo six years to make.

Leonardo de Vinci was a famous enginear and artists and was famous for his picture of the Mona Lisa and the Arno Vally. For his buildings he created a tank, a helicopter, solor power, and a calculator

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