Romes geography by: christian lomax

Tiber rivers

Tiber river
  • away to the rest of the Mediterranean world
  • source of water
  • and a easy way to escape from pirates
  • but the bad thing about rivers are that they it could flood the land


  • the mountain slopes leveled off to large flat plains that are ideal for growing crops because of the rich soil
  • the mountain are a good form a protection and keep enemy out

seven hills

  • the Romans built there town the hill on on purpose to defend there people and them self from enemy attacks
  • it also helped the get to the Tiber river easily
  • it was a stopping point for every one they came from the north and south in western Italy

Tyrrhenian sea

Tyrrhenian sea
  • the sea provides food and jobs for anyone who lives around it
  • its good for shipping and trading goods around the country
  • its more difficult for enemeies to attack them
  • there icoladed from other communitys


Created with images by wsmith - "Tiber at dusk" • valtercirillo - "campotosto l'aquila abruzzo" • Nerivill - "seven sisters nature landscape" • ell brown - "The Amalfi Coast - Conca dei Marini - castle - Torre di Conca" • Aldaron - "Thank"

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