In My Room: Ella Glass By: Jenna Jarjoura and Hannah Bernstein

Ella Glass has made her room an ever changing space inspired by music, friends and photography.

What allows her room to be so intricate is the structure. Glass chose her room when she was nine years old. She has always loved the room because of the window. Her bed is tucked beneath the window and fits in the pentagon shaped room perfectly. The ceiling also slants right over the head frame that creates a unique, intimate structure that allows her to explore many different options on how to design her room.

“I take down everything all the time and I rearrange all of it,” Glass said. “I've never really planned anything... I just started hanging up little tiny things on my wall, and it looked awful.” Every space has something decorating the area. There is a lot going on, but everything has its place for the time being. But it won't be like this for long. She rearranges, removes and replaces things daily.

Glass makes a lot of small trips to estate sales and record stores. Around her room she has different posters of bands, constellations and of course records. They may be in one place one day, and a week later be on the opposite side of the room: Glass loves rearranging her room.

“[The decorations] are not deep at all,” Glass said. “I just think it looks cool to look at and I just really like it.” She finds herself engrossed in musicians, finding funny quotes and posters of them. Glass learns and listens to everything about artists, and expresses her love for them in her room.

Although Glass enjoys rearranging where photos and objects are displayed in her room, her dresser has never changed. She finds it to be aesthetically pleasing and cohesive.

Majority of the pictures consist of Glass’ friends. Her friends feel accomplished once they make it up on the walls of the room and it is a way that Glass shows she cares about her friends.

Glass would like to keep adding more to fill up the empty spaces on the ceiling and around the doors. One could hardly notice the grey paint anymore tucked behind everything.

“There's definitely been some times where I'm like, ‘Okay I need to calm down,’” Glass said. “I like it, but I'm definitely not satisfied with it yet, there's still room.

Glass adds and takes down photos from her wall weekly. She enjoys taking and collecting photos of friends and artists, and printing them out later to post on her walls. She also says that when she becomes friends with someone and they get close, there’s a photo added onto her wall of that person.