Trojan war By: Karen sanchez

What was the Trojan war? When it started and ended?

The Trojan war was a Greek mythology war between the Greeks and the Troy people. It alll started when prince Paris abducted Helen wife of meneluas of Sparta. The Trojan war lasted 10 years until the Greeks invaded the Trojan camp with a wooden horse inside the horse it was a pack of warriors of the Greeks. After the Trojan defeated the Greeks the heroes slowly made their way back home. The Greeks were lead by odyssey

How is the Trojan war related to odyssey?

By kid naping Halen it's relating. Also it relates by the Trojan horse that the Greeks puted in front of the gates. It also relates on how odyssey went through after the war ended trying to get back home because all the obstacles along the way.

Who was homer?

Homer was born between the 12th and 8th century B.c. Homer is well known for his epic poems the lliad and the odyssey. His poetry falls in the category of minstrel poet. He died in the 850 BC.

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