Florida Museum of Natural History spark story by e'lysse Santana

Skeleton of a Mammoth

As the first thing that visitors see when entering the museum, this mammoth skeleton provides an exciting and wondrous introduction to the exhibits held inside the museum.

Butterfly Rainforest

I absolutely loved the butterfly rainforest exhibit. During one of the presentations in which they released butterflies, a butterfly flew onto my finger, which was both exciting and a little bit terrifying. Having this exhibit keeps visitors engaged and excited about nature when they are able to see the butterflies firsthand after learning about them in the museum. I learned that butterfly wings are very delicate, and that they break and lose scales very easily. I also saw firsthand the owl butterflies eating fruit, and learned that they have those markings to deter predators.

Mangrove Forests

This exhibit discusses the preservation of important natural environments, such as mangrove forests and estuaries. This museum provided many ways in which to admire and appreciate nature, and also to understand how fragile many ecosystems are. There were many visitors, including kids; the parents started making sure their children appreciated nature at a young age. As I went through the museum, I was able to see so many different types of nature; from animal skeletons and habitats to interesting cave structures, they are all essential to nature's functions and are important to preserve. After seeing all of the extinct creatures, I understand the importance of making sure we take care of the species we still have.

Cave Formations, Right.

Being able to see the detailed stalactites inside the cave exhibit gives visitors a sense of the hidden majesty and intricacy of the natural world. Dripping water forms these cave formations, which populate deep caves. Most people would never be able to see these wonders in person, so the museum provides a deeper look into areas that humans have yet to inhabit.

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