Experts of the Game Zach Graves

Zach Graves

Bardstown Country club

Bardstown, Kentucky

Playing Accomplishments:

Top-15, 2018 KPGA Player of the Year Points List

2017 KY Open Qualifier

Top-10 - 2017 KPGA Section Championship

T-3rd Place – 2017 KPGA Assistant Championship

3rd Place – 2017 KPGA Callaway Pro-Assistant Championship

Medalist – PAT, University Club @ Arlington, Spring 2012

Professional Accomplishments

PGA Member (A-1) – Elected, December 2014

2018 Kentucky Section PGA Assistant Professional of the Year

2018 PGA Magazine PGA APOY National Conference Attendee

ADM Certified Instructor

KPGA Marketing Committee Member, 2018 – Present

KPGA Education Committee Member, 2018 – Present

2019 Callaway Certified Specialist - Fitting & Products

PGA Jr League Captain, 2014 – Present

Top-10 PGA Jr League Program Participation in KY, 2018 (300% increase since 2016)

Annual PGA Golf Day Participant benefitting KY Golf Foundation & Special Olympics KY

Family Information:

Zach is engaged to be married this October to Lydia Stephens, who is a Rehabilitator & Education Coordinator with Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary in Guston, KY. They met in 2010 at EKU while studying in their respected fields. Zach’s biggest motivation is his son, Carter, who is 9 years old and has a passion for golf just like his dad! The family has a zoo of pets, mostly due to Lydia’s occupation, but the most beloved is their 5 y/o Border Collie, Izzy.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @ProZachPGA

Facebook: @ProZachPGA

Favorite Quote:

“You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will!”

--Stephen King

To Be Successful Zach Needs:

Support and motivation from home, work, and fellow PGA Professionals as well as a team that is willing and able to go the extra mile. Internal motivation is also important and keeps him eager to learn and improve; his mantra is C.S.I. (Continual. Sustainable. Improvement.)

If Zach Could Teach Anyone One Thing It Would Be:

In golf, as in life, nothing is owed to anyone; you must be willing to work hard to achieve the smallest of goals and be able to augment your own expectations. Like Claude Harmon once told the King of Morocco, “…that ball and that club don’t know that you are [a King]…”

Kentucky PGA Professionals are experts in the game and business of golf. A special thank you to Zach for allowing us to learn from him and get a glimpse into what makes him so successful.

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