Ruby Bridges BY Jamielyn Lomax

Ruby bridges was one of the six kids in New Orleans to pass a test to determine whether she was able to go to a white school. People where very mean and cruel to Ruby. All Ruby really wanted to do was to go to a white school and be able to have a good education. She was very determined to be able to go to an all white school. Ruby did not let the color of her skin let her fail in life. That is how Ruby Bridges wa sable to be apart of women in history.

In Ruby's life time she faced many different obstacles. She faced good obstacles and bad obstacles. More of her obstacles bad than good. But Ruby did not let that phase her in any way, shape, or form. That just encouraged her to do better in every single thing that Ruby did and does in her lifetime.

Ruby was not aloud to attend an all white elementary school. Her dad did not help her out much though. He did not want her to take the test to determine whether she wa sable to go to an all white school. But she hated it, Ruby only lived about 5 blocks away from an all white school but had to go to a black school that was several miles away. When Ruby dad said yes to taking the test and she passed the test she still had it very rough. Ruby faced extreme racism on her way to school. So Ruby had to walk to school with guards surrounding her.

Ruby was a very joyful kid even with everything she went through. That is why she is one of the most important person around. She helped blacks be able to live life. She helped them be able to get a good education to be able to get a good job to support there family when they are older. But Ruby wouldn't be able to do it without her bright personal qualities

Ruby was a fighter, she fought through racism and meanness. She was also strong, she always kept high when everything was low. She was very intelligent, she was able to pass a really hard test to be able to go to an all white school. She was kind, even when people where mean to her she always found a way to help others. She was very very determined, she was willing to do anything to be able to go to an all white school. She was honest, she was honest to people and always spoke her mind. And last but certainly not least she was helpful, she helped people in many different ways. She helped the be able to go to any school. She helped little black kids be able to always stay high and your skin color does not determine who you are.

Ruby was able to help many different people out. Ruby brifpdfes has a lot of many different contributions. Ruby helped allow black people to be able to go to a white school. She volunteers three days a week at France school. Ruby encouraged a lot of parents to get more active with there kids education.she also formed the Ruby Bridges foundation for family's. And Ruby is a schools liaison. Ruby volunteers in as many ways she possibly can. That is why she is such an amazing person.

Ruby was born on September 8, 1954. And Ruby is 62 years old. Ruby was born in Tyler's town, Mississippi. She has four sons Craig hall, Sean hall. Christopher hall, and Claiug hall. She went to William frantz elementary and Tulane University. She has been married to her husband as of 1984 Malcolm Hall. Ruby was very strong and independent. She is one of the most known women from history than any other women. She even made her own book called through my eyes.

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