The Israel Palestine Conflict Jade Davis

According to Aunp Shah "Towards the end of the 1800s questions arose as to how the Jewish people could overcome increasing persecution and anti-Semitism in Europe. The biblical Promised Land led to a political movement, Zionism, to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine, in the Middle East" - Shah states the past of Palestine-Israel conflict began around this time. The British Empire mandates above Palestine from 1920-1947. Within that time range had control of modern-day Gaza, West Bank and more. Many people briefly know this to the reported information about "Holy Land."

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The British Empire had a significant participation during the beginning of the 20th century when European geopolitics contributed to the overall instability of the Middle East region. A while later in the year 1917, a man by the name of Lord Arthur Balfour created a declaration, called "the Balfour Declaration" according to Shah "Announced the British empire's support for the establishment of 'a Jewish national home in Palestine.'"Borders, monarchies support, dictators and many other leaders referred to as "Puppets" had a significant influence on these powers.

Israel located east of the Mediterranean Sea

Why are they fighting?: Arab Muslims and Jews have both claimed the land to be theirs thousands of years ago. The Jews are known to want to apply for the property to make it known as their hometown, known today as the British Empire. Because Arabs claimed this land to be rightfully theirs, they resisted and resulted in wars trying to fight for this land. Two major wars took place in the years of 1948 and 1967. Within today's conflict, West Bank and Gaza Strip were in control of Israel in 1967 making it home to the Palestinian population.Today the Palestinian Authority controls the West Bank. On April 23rd, Gaza and the Islamist fundamentalist party was under the Israeli blockade, making the Palestinian Government come together for the very first time since last 2007. The agreed on peace yet that soon fell apart in July and August of the year 2014 where war broke out.In conclusion, the two-state solution has many thinking it will create problems that will be hard to overcome and solve. The two-state plan is believed correct to happen due to demographic and political reasons.

Before and after the 1967 war
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