My Icelandic Sheepdogs 2017 Maggý's Photography

Hnúks Birta aka Snotra, Kersins Spurðann and Nýlendu Spurðanella aka Nella

Spurðann, Snotra and Nella
First Snow
The day of the Icelandic Sheepdog, July 18th
Hnúks Birta aka Snotra
Daughter and father and best buddies always
Spurðann always the happy boy
Enjoying a beautiful June weather
Hnúks Birta aka Snotra
Always love going for a ride
Waiting for everyone to come home
Having fun at the Ohio Metro Park
Furry Friends and Family
Kristinn with the dogs
Having fun at one of the Ohio Metro Parks
Created By
Maggý R. Þorvaldsdóttir Pease


© Maggý R. Þorvaldsdóttir Pease

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