Neptune Hailey swenson

Johann Gottfried Galle found Neptune.
Neptune has thirteen moons.
Neptune has three rings.
Neptunes size is 49,528km.
Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.
Neptune has a rocky core.
Neptune is the coldest planet, an average temperature on Neptune is -210 degrees Celsius.
The summer of 1989, NASA voyager 2 became the first spacecraft to observe Neptune.
If you weighed 100 pounds on earth you would weigh 112.5 on Neptune.
Humans can't travel to Neptune because they would freeze to death, and there's no oxygen to breathe.
Neptune is one of the four gas giants.
Neptune has volcanoes but not any canyons or craters because there is no visible solid surface.
Neptune takes 165 years to get around the sun.
Neptune name comes from the Greek god Poseidon of the sea.

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