Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart By Hanna Kim

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a classical music composer. He was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart composed more than 600 songs. He had also composed almost an impossible amount by about 35 years. He was one of the most important composer to the world.

Mozart was affected by his family. His father Leopold Mozart was a violinist and composer. Leopold Mozart taught Wolfgang Mozart and her sister Maria Anna(called Nannerl) music and instruments. When Mozart was young, he was fascinated to listen to Maria Anna play the harpsichord. He would pretend to play the harpsichord after his sister was done playing. When Wolfgang Mozart actually tried playing the harpsichord for real, Leopold Mozart was shocked. Mozart had played without anybody’s help and just listening to Maria Anna play. He was playing every note perfectly, and could play any song just after hearing it once. By the age of 4, he started composing his own music all by himself! The story about this amazing child bagan spreading all around. When he was still a small child, he started traveling all around Europe to perform with his sister. Italy had showed Mozart opera, which was where Mozart got the idea of composing it. The music was a total success. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart knew when to have a surprise, which instruments should this part play, and everything that music have to have. After Mozart grew up, he still composed and performed but Maria Anna had to stop for a reason. When Mozart grew up, he married a singer named Constanze Weber. He got ideas from his wife too.

Wolfgang Mozart composed lots of types of music through his short life. As he grew up he wrote 16 operas, 41 symphonies, 27 piano, 5 violin concetri, 25 string quartets, 19 masses, and more. He had got ideas from everywhere. But Mozart didn’t get to live long. Even though with his big success, Wolfgang Mozart wasn’t able to manage his money. That made him work as hard as he could and that bothered his health. He still tried as much as he could even though he was sick. Mozart finished more and more music and that made his health really bad. From September 1791, his health was getting really serious. After a few months later he past away. It was when he was only 35 years old. Wolfgang Mozart wasn’t able to finish his final work, the Requiem Mass, but it was eventually finished by another composer. Even though Mozart had lived a short life, what he actually influenced to the world was enormous. His work had really changed the world.

Mozart’s music is recognized by the world. Almost everybody recognizes his music these days. He was able to be recognized by the world after all the things he had did.

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