The Harn A Good life presentation by Gray Bean

Medium of the Art-Pictured above is myself appreciating a bronze and and glass sculpture by Nancy Graves, a pioneering american artist. When looking for an example of how medium affects the viewer in art I was immediately drawn to this piece because of its unique medium. The sculpture depicts an abstract view of music and instruments and represented to me how music, much like the sculpture, has a unique style and means something different to every person.

Design of the Museum- Also while at the Harn one of the first wings I was able to check out was the Asian Art Wing. Pictured above the wing was filled with Asian art and culture and complete with its very own meditation garden. The layout of the wing was spacious with plenty of room between pieces and a very high ceiling. The open space in the room gave the exhibit a peaceful and meditative atmosphere that really rounded out my experience at the Harn.

Art and Core Values- One piece that I took a lot of time to reflect on was the Vase made by Magdalene Odundo (pictured above). What stood out about this piece to me was the simplicity and how the artist didn't try and make a grandiose piece but instead focused on making the vase as simple and as perfect as possible. At least to me that spoke to my core values because to often I think people focus on the grandiose aspects of life instead of trying to make the simple things perfect.

Art and the Good Life- Pictured above I did my best to try and copy the pose depicted in the photograph, I came pretty close but couldn't quite nail it. However I chose this piece to represent the good life through art because to me photography is one of the purest ways to capture human emotion and make people feel something. Through this photo and other photos at the Harn I was able to perfectly visualize what the subject was feeling and try to empathize with them. This capturing of human emotion is what contributes to the magic of shared experiences that you can only find at places like the Harn.

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