The Bystander Effect by: Nicolle chesney

Since the Bystander effect affects the chance of a victim being helped in relation to the number of the bystanders, obviously it affects the lives of any age group.

2:00 to end -It shows how people act now a days with different type of people and money -It also shows if one person stand up for someone everyone one else does.

This related to the bystander because in the bystander this kid is once a bystander and then later on he becomes the victims. The main character Eric gets bullied and his friend Marry doesn't stand up for him and she becomes a bystander.

People all over the world have been doing sociail experience. This is one of a little girl preteneding to be homeless or lost. They wanted to see if normal citizens would ask her if she needed help.


This little girl was kicked out of restaurants when she looked homeless. But when she was in a nice dress and looked clean everyone would try to help her look for her mom. This is a huge problems that happenes in the world.
A lot of reaseachers are looking at how bullying affects a kids performance or health mentaly or physically. This aritical tell use about how people just ignore people in need.
"If you witnessed an emergency happening right before your eyes, you would certainly take some sort of action to help the person in trouble, right? While we might all like to believe that this is true, psychologists suggest that whether or not you intervene might depend upon the number of other witnesses present".


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