Chapter 12, Less 3 The Korea War

1) At the end of World War II, the East Asian country of Korean came under control of the U.S amd the Soviet Union.

2) The two powers divided Korea at the 38th parallel pf latitude.

3) North Korea troops invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950. By September, the Communists had control over most of the peninsula.

4) Truman ordered American forces into action. "Korea is the Greece of the Far East," he said. "If we are tough enough now, if we stand up to them like we did in Greece three years ago, they won't take any next steps."

5) Most of the United Nation forces came under the command of U.S general and World War II hero Douglas MacArthur.

6) That September, General MacThur's led the UN forces in a daring landing. They came ashore near the port of Inch' on, well behind the enemy lines

7) South Korea came under the control of UN forces

8) Neither China nor the Soviet Union would enter the war

9) The Chinese Communists saw the advancing troops as a threat

10) By Spring of 1951, UN forces had recovered.

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