My Trip to the A SPIRITUAL Journey

Nature on Display

An exhibit that I found fascinating was the butterfly exhibit. Immediately after entering I was bombarded with butterflies flying in my face. The butterfly exhibit was able to capture multiple parts of nature into one exhibit; the butterflies in the exhibit were from a variety of different locations around the world, some from Africa, some from the states. The way the exhibit was set up was very interesting, and it was obvious that a great amount of time and effort was and is needed to maintain the exhibit. Upon entering a person on guarding told me about the importance of not letting any butterflies escape because of the threat they pose to native species of butterflies as well as crops. If I would've seen the exhibit online or through videos I would not have appreciated the immense amount of detail in time you required to make such an exhibit. I can honestly say that my appreciation for the exhibit is significantly more than if I would've just seen it in pictures, and I even told my mother when she comes to pick me up to bring my little brother's age nine and seven, so that they can appreciate the exhibit the way that I did. My experience at a museum was so enjoyable because the exhibits were able to touch upon all my senses, specifically each exhibit felt like you were enclosed in the particular setting that they were trying to teach you about.

Low Quality Photos, High Quality Butterfly Exhibits

Nature and Ethics

Absolutely the natural museum was able to provide me with the opportunity to experience nature in a way that made me "love respect and admire nature"; The butterfly exhibit was by far the exhibit that made me feel these things towards the natural world. Walking through the museum made me feel as though I should be more grateful for the land that we live on. As I strolled through the museum I thought of all The history and the culture, in the advancements that we made as a society. The exhibit I am referring to is one of the early Floridian exhibits where it showed how native Americans lived prior to European intervention. In today's fast-paced society, it is hard to stop and smell the roses; the Florida natural history Museum allowed me the chance to reflect on the ways people used to live, and the beauty the natural world has to offer that aren't necessarily fully appreciate it. After going to the Florida Natural History Museum I feel as it is my responsibility, my generation's responsibility, to ensure land we live on today, the beauties that are seen today, will be here for future generations to appreciate, to wonder at, and to learn from. 10 out of 10 would recommend going again.


Nature and the Human Spirit

Today society craves immediate service. If it takes longer than 30 seconds to load, we are frustrated. The beauty that the Florida Natural History Museum has to offer, is that strolling through the museum one gets the opportunity to see a still frame of a collaborate moment in history they can be appreciated by all people looking at it. Each exhibit is a work of art, and like all works of art, it can be appreciated with different perspectives. What I enjoyed most was that first the museum was not crowded when I went, which gave me an opportunity to really indulge in each exhibit without having to fear that I was obstructing someone's view or someone's perspective. It is nice to be alone sometimes, and with the museum offered was time to be alone with history. In fact, I had a sense of motivation coming out of the exhibit because seeing where humans have been, living in huts and living in their own trash, to conquering the natural world, it motivates me to keep pushing society further ahead. The museum offers people a chance to appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by allowing each person that visits to reflect in their own way. What cannot be changed is the past, or where we came from. Knowing this and being able to reflect on this is powerful because in can be used as an engine for future direction.

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