Lizzie Van Doorn

It all starts back in Crystal Lake, IL; where I was born and raised. Above you can see all the members of my beautiful family and a just a few fun pictures from when I was a child. My family is the most important thing to me in the entire world. I have an older sister, Rachel, who is now 22 years old, as well as an older brother, Joe, who is 20 years old. My loving parents gave us absolutely everything we could ever have asked for and I am so blessed to call the four wonderful people above my family.

Prairie Ridge High school Football Game

Some of my absolute fondest memories are from Prairie Ridge High School. I made unbreakable friendships, learned the most valuable lessons, and was prepared for my future by some of the most dedicated faculty out there. In high school I was a pommie, amongst other things, and I loved to cheer on my school and just be with my friends. The impact that these four years had on me is substantial and I will always look back on PR and smile.

The decision to go to Clemson and leave everything behind, my family, friends, high school memories, was difficult to say the least. But I have never been more proud of myself for taking the leap into the unknown. Clemson is my home now, I am more than happy at this university and I wouldn't change my decision to attend here for anything. The friendships I have made, lessons I have learned, and opportunities I have been granted are endless. I bleed purple and orange!

One thing I am most passionate about in life is music. I am constantly in search of new artists and songs and when the next concerts are going to be. Luckily, being from Chicago, I have access to some of the cheapest concerts of the best bands so I have been to an uncountable amount of live shows. Music does things for me in life that nothing ever could and It will forever be the most special thing to me.
I have always had a strong wanderlust. Now, that I am in school pursuing a career in the medical field, i have decided that I want to combine these two ideas. I am hoping to go abroad next summer on a medical service trip as a volunteer and I am hoping that this will not be the only time I do this. The chance to see the world in this way sounds like the most humbling experience and i truly just want to do my part in making a difference.

I have a lot of goals in life. I want to travel, I want to become a successful physician's assistant, I want to have lifelong friends, I want to get married, I just want to experience life. I believe that these goals make me who I am; they drive me to feel passionate and motivated. I am Lizzie Van Doorn and I won't settle for anything less than the things I have dreamed for.

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