In Defense of Donna Osborn Rhetorical appeal mini presentation


Dr. Leslie Crown, the Osborn family doctor, testifies that Donna was not abused by her late husband based on the information that Donna and Clinton told her about the injuries. However, she is not qualified to use her professional experience to whether someone suffers from battered women syndrome due to the fact that her doctorate is in medicine and not psychology. Therefore, her opinion on Mrs. Osborn's psychiatric state during the time of the alleged abuse is not an expert's opinion. Her opinion may also be biased considering she has known Mr. Osborn since the day he was born whereas she has only known Mrs. Osborn for the few years that the Osborn's were married. People are inclined to believe someone that they have known for a longer period of time rather than a new person in their life.


Donna discloses her emotional and physical abuse by revealing, “after he had pushed me down on the ground he threw a baseball at my head.”A husband is supposed to be a protector not a woman hitter. Imagining your daughter being emotionally and physically abused by her spouse.How would you feel?


It is proven in this case that Donna is innocent because she called into the hotline multiple times about being physically harmed by her husband Clinton. Mrs. Osborn has been seen on multiple occasions in the hospital about injuries from "falling down the stairs" or just a "burn" because she feared what would happen to her and her son, Clint, if she told the truth. She has not only been seen for her injuries but she was also treated for them and her treatment required more than 10 stitches at a time due to Clinton using a gold club to harm her. The day of the shooting, when th eFBI came to the Osborn’s home Donna did not attempt to flee the scene because she knew she was protecting herself from what Clinton was about to do her. Donna was a very wealthy woman and the things Clinton did to her were very disrupting and disappointing but she kept a smile on her face for the sake of her family . The night of Clinton’s murder she felt it was necessary to protect herself and her son because she knew If it wasn't him then it would've been her . Everyone involved in the case against Donna is pointing the finger saying she's lying about being beaten by Clinton and his mom is also involving using her words dangerously saying she was a bad mother and couldn't handle her son.

by: Nandi Ntuli, Cierra simpson, kayla harrington, and bri felix


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