A trip to Remember Rosie & Jesson Family

A trip to remember, many people say long time friends far away from many years, suddenly meet and plan a road trip. Its priceless!

San Francisco

Some pictures I took before we travel. Me and Juliet first roam the city of San Francisco, never drive here so often...then one day, we have to drive there to see where to tour our friends from Canada. Its fun and this gave me a chance also to be with Juliet on a date in SF.

The dock

The first picture I took and there's something amazing in it and took my first shoot. Have my Zylus revolver lenses for my iphone 7 ready. Used the Procam app, shoot raw, pick a lens and edited in Snapseed. Called this one "The dock"


I was amazed this picture turned to, It was under exposed and did some editing and it went well....Im on the dramatic scene side, dont want to over do the images but hey, I like it turns out! In any ugly covers behind those are beautiful pages.

The red walkway

Was fascinated with this closed entry, still manage to take a photo of this walkway with its lovely red color.

The SF info house

This is where I pee! Remember this one! The sun behind that pine tree is amazing.

To be continued

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