What Was and Is and Is to Come The story of Indiana FOster

The Past

When I was younger I went to Glenmeade Elementary in Chino Hills, California. I grew up doing mostly outdoor activities with neighbors like riding bikes or walking around. I was pretty wild and a character as some called me. I did a lot of volunteering at my churches and learned how to use HTML and Dreamweaver when I was younger. Some of the things that I do were play baseball and read American History books.

Here is the Chino Hills Shoppes where I would spend most of my time

The Present

My life now has become a bit slower since the move. I got accepted at the university that I wanted to go to and now I am currently looking for scholarships. Being a new driver is a bit difficult since the roads aren’t on the normal grid system but I am enjoying it. I work at a family store in Downtown York and I like restoring old, vintage pieces. I still talk to my old friends a lot which I really enjoy since I also talk to my new friends here.

I got accepted to Biola University so I am pretty stoked to attend in the fall

The Future

I hope that my future will hopefully bring me to graduating college after 4 years of work. After graduation I either want to be teaching high school history or serving as a foreign diplomat. I feel that I will achieve either of these goals if I work hard and apply myself. After I achieve my career I would like to have a house in the Northeast and settle down with a family. When I eventually retire I would like to do so in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

I'd really like to move to Cape Cod one day and live off of lobster

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