Triassic Period By: Bryson Krieger, Trey SCHRAUBEN, OWEN RUSSELL

From left to right: Plateosaurus- A dinosaur that lived during this time period.

Besanosaurus- A dinosaur that lived in the water.

During this time period coral was first forming.

The Triassic Period's land mass consisted of the landmass Pangaea.

During the Triassic Period there was mostly only reptiles that lived during this time period. That is why it took place during the Age of the Reptiles. One reptile that lived during this time period was this Therapsid.
This is the Eozostrodon the first true mammal. It evolved from Therapsid.
The name Triassic was created by Friedrich August Von Alberti where it is derived from its original German name Trias. This is because it is represented by a three part division of rock types.
There was no major extinction during this time period, but it did follow the mass extinction of the Permian Period.

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