My journey to Libya HeaLeigh RiLey

Libya is located the northern part of Africa. Its capital is Tripoli. It's mostly barren , flat undulating plains, plateaus and depressions. It's relative location is to the left of Algeria , the right of Egypt and right above Chad and Niger. The exact location of Libya is 26.3351° N, 17.2283° E.

El Emad Towers, Libya
Leptis Magna, Libya

Leptis Magna was enlarged and embellished by Septimius Severus, the emperor at that time . It was one of the most beautiful cities of the Roman Empire, with its imposing public monuments, harbour, market-place, storehouses, shops and residential districts.

Jebel Akhdar, Libya ( Green Mountains )

It's a heavily forested, fertile upland area in northeastern Libya.

Libya has three main climates

Spring - very nice weather not to hot and not to cold

Spring valley

Summer- very hot and dry

Times of Malta

Winters - days are cooler and rare to get snow .

The countries that border Libya are Algeria , Chad, Egypt , Niger, Sudan , and Tunisia.

There is only one body of water that surround Libya . 1. Mediterranean Sea and that connects to the Atlantic Ocean.

There aren't that many geographic themes in Libya . They have several highlands , flat features and sparse grassland. Their natural resources are very few. The three main natural resources are Petroleum, Natural gas and Gyesum.

A Petroleum Factory, Libya
A Petroleum Factory , Libya
A natural gas factory in Mellitan , Libya
Offshore natural gas

.Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dehydrate. It is widely mined and is used as a fertilizer, and as the main constituent in many forms of plaster, blackboard chalk and wallboard.

They only have one cultural groups and their called the Libyan.

There are only three religions practiced one Sunni Islam , Sunni Muslims and Christians . Top left is Sunni Islam and the rest are Sunni Muslims .

They have many holidays festivals and traditions. Some are Acacus Festival, Revelation, Labor Day , El Ul-Fiter holiday , Independence Day , and Arafter day etc.

They have three types of governments . One Consitutional Republic and Parliament Republic and Provisional Government ( the highest government)

Geographic theme is where people adapt , depend and modify there environment. Libya has many crops . Some are wheat , barley , maize , squash , cucumbers and eggplant

There aren't any special jobs in Libya . They have accounting jobs , health care and medical jobs, oil industry jobs.

They don't have many endangered species. They only have Mediterranean monk sea because imbalance number of males and females and addax's because of unregulated hunting

They don't have many environmental problems. They have two main problems. One pollution and desertification. They had a management plan.

A region is an area that has certain characteristics.The Climate region is along the Mediterranean coast and dry extreme desert.

The education system for Libya is different. Primary grade 1 - 6 years. Secondary education 12 - 14 years . Advanced 1 15 - 19 years. Advanced 2 3 - 6 years

The total population in Libya is 6,380,950 people. Population density is 9 people per mi. The area is 679,400 square miles. Their capita GDP is 11,964.73. They expect men to live 74 years and women 78 years. The literacy rate in Libya is pretty high 96.7%

Movement is when there are humans are selling and moving products.

There are many importated good like capital equipment, food supply and consumer goods. There are many exported good also like crude oil , refined products, natural gases and chemicals.

their country's flag is red on top black in the middle with a white star and green on the bottom. it was adopted november 11 , 1977

They gained their independence by Gaddfi becoming their leader.

their technology in Libya is LTT which is Libya Telecom and technology.

There transportation is mainly buses not many people who live in libya own a car . they would drive on highways mostly.

A daily life as a high schooler in Libya is pretty normal. You would wake up get something to eat and make ur way to school . Some would walk and some would ride a bus. you'd be in school for a couple of hours then you'd go home . after you get home you'd do your homework and play outside . depending on if you had money would tell whether you had a TV or Cell phone . but most of them just played outside . then when it gets dark out you'd make your way back home and eat dinner with your family. Take a shower and go to bed then your day starts all over again in the morning.

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